Last Taste Of Terror Before Murder

Where is the line between fantasy and reality? It is the point at which the impossiable is possiable.

-An Essay by Karen Keller.

Last written words were only of wishful thinking, as the human-dragon flew. Karen a sweet girl of sixteen, never knowing, never feeling, never living. Living that of the reality. Sure she lived her reality of life, but it is not what most would call real. It was an illusion, formed of thoughts wishes and dreams. Magic a key, and wings that all may fly.

Most of you fools would say a child was she. One that never grew up. My question to you is, what has she to grow up to? She was forced back, back into a false reality, and no she did remain a child. She grew up inside, but could not break through, the bonds of her captivity. This is her life, her terrors, her pain, I being a true friend, will tell. For I am part of her blood...

Part 1.

Crying tears, wish to hold back, frightening thoughts. To be born alive, but to a dead world. Sitting her wondering why? Why? Why, were we friends? Why did this hell's angel choose to sit on my shoulder, in all her fire? It was her. She drew me in, into her world as I clasped onto the reality. In time I tried to pull her in, back to reality, but I lost my grip and she fell.

Bright dead green grass, on the hillside on which we play. Here is the begining and Karen's end. We meet and said hi, as we watched the other boys and girls go by.

"Fat, ugly, stupid, smelly, nerd!," calls from the crowd. I felt bad, these people hated me. I wanted to run, I wanted to cry, I wanted to die. These people hated me repeated in my head, until I saw my friend. No, it was not me they hated, it was her... My new friend. What was wrong with her? She was human, she must hurt. Those words where unkind, but no. She smiled and acted as though she didn't hear. I looked and I looked an I saw no indication that she had heard. Not only didn't she change her position over the next hateful remarks, but not even her eyes. Not only the top view of her eyes but the deep inside of them where unchanged. They were focused, yet unfocused, but happy and bright. This was fourth grade, I wish she was still like that now.

I write this to let other know. We became friends, best friends, and forgetting my own problems I cared for her's. I saw her worlds change, and I say worlds because she lived between two worlds. One the Earth we most know, the other a forgotten Earth. The forgotten Earth of magic and dreams, they were the realities.

She was opressed by the people of Earth into the forgotten. While at the same time invited or commanded to join those of Earth. The forgotten is beautiful, making one not to want to leave, but Earth is unavoidable. As all children must grow up, some are pulled to fast, other hold back, as Karen did. So did Karen have the need to enter Earth. She tried to fit in, creating a false person for the Earth, one that was not her. Because of all the time of being denied Earth she had forgotten. Forgotten the 'Earth' part of herself.

What happened next is frightening. She took, and she took what she did not have. Those people who seemed to have fitted into this Earth, it was to them she turned to. She took from these people who she thought where of the Earth. She took parts of them. This one's laugh, this one's look, this one's walk. She was not herself but many people, and it pulled her forgotten plain apart. This is where Erik comes in...

Part 2.

Erik came when Karen needed him most. She was crying, and close to death, when looking into the shadows she saw him. Standing there in darkness. Was he death? Was he hope? He was Erik, was all she was told.

He watched her that night, and many nights after that. He was of the forgotten Earth, but was also of the Earth, both in perfect harmony. He craddled her, and held her tight. he watches over her every night. Never forgetting, or faultering. She calls, he answers. If she needed someone, always could she reach out to him.

After her meeting Erik, she was controlled instently, and changed. In her eyes where pain, suffering, hurt, but for the world she was absent. Closed eyed, closed mouth, closed life.

Things got worse, if ever things could. The more she reached out to the world, the more sad she would become. less she needed Erik, and she would not call, thinking that her dear sweet Erik had left her. She reached out into both worlds to find Erik, finding parts of Erik in the people and friends of Earth. To them she turned and relied on and even loved.

After much heart break and suffering she returned to find Erik's embrace warm and caring as always. Soon she was able to live among those of Earth, and yet remain of the forgotten, and at night, and when in anguish she returned to Erik.

The world hated her, and she got worse. She became, black, dark, and demented. She hated the Earth, and the forgotten. She hated herself. She was rejected from those who she gathered support from. She was falling and she was falling fast. The pits of dispear where taking over. She kept falling, occationally she would slow but still she fell, and her rate of falling increased as she fell down, down this almost bottomless pit. She reached out for help.

She called so loud she could not hear Erik. She grabbed out from her place, and her eyes where paniced fire. hell's fire as an inner flame burned inside her. Consuming her.

When before she would hug, she stopped all contact with both worlds, then nearing the climax of her fall she embraced both. Living fantasy and a false reality, embracing friends, and reaching out with love for help, she screamed out loud and cryed but not a person did care about her...

Part 3.

She fell, even with my help, because as I watched her that first day, I already knew her fate. She wast to die, and I was going to help her. Release her of her pain. I would not stop her from the death that awaited her, and she knew if she died I would live. Live a better life knowing she died for the good, because of the bad.

The evil people of the worlds caused her the death, and maybe in death she could find good. The world she would fit in. I could see her wings as she watched over others, and she said I'd become a nun, when she was a true angel from heaven. Struck down by the purgatory hell of life. In the end a black saint is she, wings burnt, crown missing, but still a sense of royalty. Not many saw her for what she was. A queen, a angel, a terror stricken child, but who did not blame themselves, when they heard she had died.

Sweet tender tears as she said good-bye. As she saw others turn their back. As she walked away. I saw Erik. He was so close to Karen that they where even as one.

That night I went to sleep early, and after crying over old times, I remembered that she would not be there in the morning, I feel asleep.

At six in the morning on this Friday, I woke and went to school knowing. No one else would notice Karen's absence, but me, and at eleven when I was called into the counsler's office I was not surprised to learn that Karen had died.

I had to explain to people how Karen had told me about what she was going to do, and such thing like that. I said good-byes for her, that she could not do. Sunday pews of the church where packed, and full. Monday morning, an assembly was held, as requested by karen. I yelled at the fools who brought her, her death, and warned them, and explained why it is and was wrong. No more deaths were needed, the world had already killed one...

The point of impossiability and possiablity works both ways. One world impossible to fly, while the other impossible to cry. The possiable is the other world. Now death is the point between both plains, the only thing possiable in both, but where will the body remain afterwards. Where will the spirit go. In hopes to Erik's world, the world of dead, where everything co-exists. Each counter-acting the other. The impossiable being possiable and yet impossiable. Life is long, and my time is up. I get to sleep never to wake again, to these cruel worlds!