Far above the horizens of Earth and farther still above the homes of the Kais sits the world of the Talons, the watchers over life, the universe and everything. Each Talon has an appointed task, whether it be healer or gaurdian of truth.

These people are overseen by the elder, who makes sure everything runs smoothly. The tasks are endless, for life is constantly changing. Their world is beaufiful, nonetheless, but there is one place of unspeakable beauty. It is called the Valley of Life and it is there where Truin, the Gaurdian of Truth, makes his home.

One person pays him constant visits along with Roan, the gaurdian of manifestations. It is here in this valley that the tale begins. There is no way to set a time frame for this tale, but rest assured, it happened a long time ago.

"You're seeing him again?" Roan asked as he watched his friend bend over to inspect a flower.

"I like talking to him. Don't you think that's a much better color for that flower?" she asked and Roan smiled, slightly showing off his pointed teeth. He was a strange looking Talon with long silvery hair, crimson eyes and gray skin spotted with purple. He had cat-like ears and a tall and graceful vody.

"Simple as ever, Kalina. You never change."

"We're not supposed to change."

"But you do love him and he you. Even the Elder sees that."

"I like talking to him. I like being with him. Do you see him yet?"

"He's underneath that willow by the stream playing some instrument it looks like."

"Come on! I'll race you!"

"Kalina we are not children!" Roan cried but she paid no heed to him. She ran swiftly through the flowers then tripped over a hidden rock. She felt gentle hands upon her and glanced up.

Truin knelt beside her, his fine lavender hair falling over his arms like a pristine waterfall. He smiled gently as he watched her and she returned the smile.

"Just like always, aren't you?" he asked. "But, I don't mind that."

"What were you playing?" Kalina asked and Truin picked up a reed flute and showed it to her.

"I carved it out of that."

He pointed to a patch of bamboo growing on the far side of the stream.

"The holes make different tones. I see you've finally arrived, Roan."

"Some of us have more dignity than others," Roan said as dignity than others," Roan said as he gracefully sat down near the edge of the stream. He knelt forward and cupped his hands then placed them in the water. He then withdrew his hands and lapped the water up with his tongue.

"Was he talking about me?" Kalina asked and Truin nodded his head.

"I'm afraid he was," Truin said and helped her up. "So, what do you want to do now?"

"Hmm. Isn't it time for more animals to be made?"

"I don't know. I'm not in charge of that."

"Judan would know," Roan commented, as he wiped his mouth.

"But he's on the other side of the valley. That's a long ways away," Kalina said and Truin smiled.

"We've got time. Don't you want to see the things that have changed?"

"Okay. Let's go look. I want to see."

"Come on then. Do you want to come too?" Truin asked and Roan gently shook his head.

"I think I will stay here. I believe Demar is around."

"Demar has no right to be here. He's the Gaurdian of Death," Truin said.

"True, but there are times when death and life must collide. His realm is over there, beyond the Twilight Plains," Roan said.

"I know where he resides. It is hard to keep track of truth when someone like that is so close to me."

"Do not worry about him now, Truin. If he should come looking for Kalina, I will stop him."

"Thank you."

"Where are we going?" Kalina asked as Truin took her hand.

"This way. You wanted to talk, did you not?" Truin asked as he led her away through a field of flowers.

"There's a relationship that has hardhips to come," a voice said and Roan turned around.

"Elder! What brings you here?" Roan asked and the Elder smiled.

"I've come to see the changes to the valley. I haven't been here in awhile."

"That is understandable. You have alot to keep track of."

"That is true. Oh, Yorin wishes to speak with you when you get the chance."

"I will try to get over there. 'Tis quite difficult when Kalina keeps insisting on coming here."

"It's a beautiful place."

"It is more than the beauty of this place that draws her here. I wonder if Volura had something to do with their mutual fascination. She is the Guardian of Love, is she not?"

"She is, but she did not conjur up the relationship between Truin and Kalina. Have patience, Roan, and watch the events unfold."


"You are truly amazing," Truin said as he watched Kalina trace the outline of a flower. She sat up and glanced at him.

"Why?" she asked.

"Because none of the others are like you. this entire valley seems more alive when you're here. I rarely get out of the valley, but I always look forward to your visits. I'm extremely fond of you."

"I believe everyone is. What brings you this far out, Truin?" Demar asked and Truin stood up. Demar stood high above Truin, almost eight feet in hieght. He gazed down at Truin through glistening amber colored eyes. His ears were a bit larger than Roan's and he had about five earrings in each of them. His coarse ebony hair was short and he tapped his long nails against his skin as he waited for Truin's reply.

"It was not in my intent to come here," Truin coldly replied.

"I see. So Roan left you with the task of watching her."

"You're ruining the flowers. Stop moving your tail," Kalina said and Demar glanced at her. Such a beautiful Talon she was and it was such a shame that Truin had taken a liking to her. He sincerely wished he could make her see...His ears twitched for a moment then he turned around.

"My sincerest apologies, fair Kalina, but I must go back home. There are some matters I must attend to. Perhaps I will see you later, without your companion?" Demar inquired.

"What companion? Oh, Truin? I don't think of him as a companion. He's a really good friend."

"I see. In any case, until later Kalina."

"I don't trust him," Truin said and Kalina looked at him.

"Why not?" she asked as Truin once again helped her up. He brushed the grass off of her clothes and tighly embraced her. She looked at him quizically and he smiled.

"You always look so confused when I do that. Come on. Let's go visit Judan now."

"You mean we get to see the new animals?"

"I thought that's what you wanted to do. But, if you don't..."

"Oh I do. Let's go see them. Please?"

Truin nodded his head and Kalina tightly embraced him.

"You are really special," she said and Truin flushed. Kalina drew away from him and looked at him strangely. Truin coughed awkwardly then began walking.

"Hey, what did I say?" she asked as she walked after him.

"Nothing. Come on."


Judan, a small child-like Talon with large bluish wings walked over to them and bowed repectfully.

"You've come to see the new creations that haven't you?" he asked and Kalina nodded her head.

"Yes. What have you made this time?" Kalina asked.

"Follow me. Roan did not wish to come, this time?"

"He thought it would be best if we came on our own," Truin said and Judan nodded his head.

"Roan is extremely wise. He knew that the two of you needed time together. It is not everyone that had a relationship like the rest of you."

"Are we almost there?" Kalina asked and Judan looked at her.

"Yes, we're almost there,but were you not listening to what I was saying?" Judan inquired and Kalina shook her head.

"Was I supposed to be? I was wondering why Demar wanted to speak with me."

"It won't be anything good, I can assure you. He seeks council with desire and deception."

"You sound like Roan."

"Careful," Truin said as she stumbled over an unseen rock. He caught her and she drew away from him to inspect what she had tripped over.

"What is it, Kalina?" Judan asked as she picked the object up and wiped it off on her robe.

"It's a key," she said and held it up for them to see.

"I believe you should take this to the Elder. He may know what it is."

"That's a good idea. I think we should do that right now," Truin said and Kalina's face fell.

"But I wanted to see the animals," she said and Judan took her hand.

"They will still be here when you come back. Lunos hasn't finished planting so I can't send them off quite yet."

"I was wondering why some of the trees were missing from the valley."

"Let's go. The sooner we get there, the sooner we can come back," Truin said and Kalina looked at him.

"I'll race you!" she cried and began running. Truin grinned and ran after her. Judan watched them and shook his head. There certainly was something between the two that the other Talonds did not have.


"Well, what have you been up to?" Yorin asked and Kalina ran up to her.

"Yorin! How are you?" she asked as she embraced her friend.

"I'm fine. Tuin has been keeping your company again, hasn't he? Well what brings you this far from the valley, Truin? We seldom see you."

"I found a key and he said I should take it to the Elder," Kalina said.

"The Elder in his room. I had to tell him my name for a new planet," a slender male with long emerald hair said. "Truin, it's been awhile, hasn't it?"

"Yes it has. What is your name, Ferra?" Truin inquired and Ferra blinked his eyes.

"I'm going to call it Vejita."

"That's a lot better than some of your other names," Yorin said and Ferra looked at her.

"Hey, they can't all be winners. So what do you want to discuss with the Elder, Kalina? Volura hasn't been practicing on the two of you, has she?"

"Stop teasing her. She came across a key and wishes advice on it," Yorin said.

"A key? Strange. Why would a mortal object be here?"

"That's why we're going to the Elder," Truin said and Ferra nodded his head.

"Do not let me keep you then."


"Where are they? I thought I would come and join them," Roan said as he looked around.

"They went to ask advice from the Elder," Judan replied. "Would you like to see my newest creation?"

"Of course I would."

"Follow me, then please. I have not yet come up with a name for its species, but I am sure I will think of something soon."

"I am sure you will. You have an ability for choosing out names. What is it?"

"I told you, I haven't named it yet."

"Forgive me. I worded it wrong. What did you use to make it?"

"Oh. I understand now. Let's see, I used that..."

He pointed to a reptile and then to something that looked like a human.

"And that. Its planet is not ready yet so I'm letting it sleep uintil it is time to populate the planet."

"Waiting on Lunos again, are you?"

"He is extremely exact in his planting. He has to be for he is the one that chooses the climate of the planet. I have to know which planet can handle which life forms, if any at all."

"Yes, Lunos has made some mistakes, hasn't he?"

"It is a part of existing, I suppose. You are more than welcome to stay here and wait for their return. I must speak to Lunos and see if he's ready."


"See Elder? I was running through the grass and I tripped over it. What is it for?" Kalina asked as she held the key out. The Elder took it from her and gazed at it. Then he glanced at Kalina.

"'Tis an extremely important key," he said as he placed it in a box. "it is a key to place that keeps everything is in balance. The balance will shift, depending on whether good or evil controls it."

"Oh. If it is so important then why was it stuck in the gorund?"

"That I cannot say."

"Cannot or will not? There is a difference," Truin said and the Elder smiled.

"Will it satisfy your desire for truth if I tell you that all will become clear in good time?" he inquired and Truin folded his arms.

"It is what I must accept, is it not?"

"Thank you, Elder. Come on Truin, let's go see what Judan made!"

"Simplicity is her nature," Yorin commented as she entered the room.

"That may be so, but she is a lot more complex as time will reveal," the Elder said as he watched Truin go after Kalina.


"Judan. I was just coming to speak with you," Lunos said as he wiped his hands on his robe.

"Are you almost finished?" Judan asked and Lunos nodded his head.

"Ferra has already given this world a name. Vejita."

"Well then, why don't we go get the inhabitents for this world?"

"All right. I'll show you what I've come up with. I'm sure I have the right inhabitents for Vejita."

"I would hope so. You're the one that makes the inhabitents for the worlds."

"A touch of sarcasm today, huh?" Judan asked and Lunos smiled.

"Forgive me. Today has been extremely taxing for me. So are these your newest ones?"


"What are those over there?"


"yes. I'd like to see one."

"I call it a Saiyen."

"Saiyen. Interesting name. Let me see it."


"Good build, but I don't think he can stand the extreme conditions of the planet."

"Please look closer. I've already taken that into consideration."

Lunos turned the Saiyen over and stared at the soft simian tail growing out of his tail bone.

"I believe that will suffice," Judan said.

"I trust your judgement and I'll leave you to the task of populating Vejita. I'm behind schedule anyway..."


"How was your visit?" Roan asked as they walked up to him.

"Fine. The Elders seemed to know what it was for," Truin said as Kalina looked around for Judan.

"He left to find Lunos, but they're coming back now," Roan said as he twitched his ears.

"Nothing gets by you, does it Roan?" Judan asked. "You will have to wait on looking at the animals, Kalina. Lunos has a world for me to populate. I must get started on it right away."

"Aw...all right. Now what should we do?" Kalina asked as Roan stood up.

"I must speak with Yorin so I am going to leave you in Truin's capable hands."

"Truin is really nice. Hey, can we watch you populate Vejita?" Kalina asked.

"I don't know if we should. I don't want to get in the way. Also, I shouldn't stray too far from the valley," Truin said and Judan smiled.

"You can come with me. I'll keep track of you. You may come in handy out there," Judan said and Kalina looked at him.

"You really think so?"

"Yes. Follow me, then."


"Wow. This place is really big. So where are they going to live?" Kalina asked and Judan pointed to a newly planted forest.

"Down there. Watch. I'll put the full grown ones down first. My very first one will be the leader."

"Why do they need a leader?"

"Because they would be lost without one. Let's see. I think I'll make his hair look like this."

He brought the Saiyen's hair down to form a widow's peak and pushed the top of his hair back.

"Why are you making it stick up so far?" Kalina asked and Judan shrugged his shoulders.

"I don't know, but I like it," he replied.

"Are the others going to look like this one?"

"Not exactly but I'll do the hair the same way. I'll add some mass to the body so that they can survive the elements."

"Okay. Can I do anything to help?"

"Take care of the insects first."

"Okay. Where are they?"

"Right there. Please, use your best judgement in placing them in their new homes."

"I will. I wake them up once they're in their homes, right?"

"Yes. Please don't make any mistakes."

"I won't."


Judan gazed at his creations for a moment then picked up some birds and threw them into the air. The birds immediately took flight and Judan smiled in satisfaction.

"Lunos did a really good job on this world. Vejita will be a strong planet. We should be proud of this one. Come on mammals. Awake and see your new home."


"Okay worms. Go underground. There you go ants. Here's your new home," Kalina said as the ants trotted off to inspect their new home. She watched them for a moments then picked up a spider.

"I don't don't know he does it. You're so tiny and so complex. There you go. Climb up there."


Truin laid down in the grass and gazed up at the sky. A shadow covered the sky and Truin's gaze darkened.

"What are you doing here?" Truin asked as he stood up.

"Where is she now?" Demar asked.

"She's with Judan on Vejita. Why?"

"Vejita? Is that a new world?"

"Yes it is and you have no right to be there."

"Temper, temper Truin. Not a glamorous asset for a guardian, is it? I get the feeling that you don't...trust me."

"I don't. Forgive my brusque tone of voice but I've never seen you as the type to uphold truth."

"You're extremely biased, aren't you Truin? I thought we weren't supposed to be opinionated. I thought we were just supposed to obseve."

"You're not supposed to be in the valley," Truin said and Demar grinned coldly.

"I am fully aware of that, but I had requested Kalina's presence, if you remember correctly," he said.

"I've told you. She's with Judan on Vejita."

"When will they be back?"

"I don't know. It is not my job to keep track of Judan's activities. If you want specifics, talk to the Elder."

"Hostility does not become you, Truin."

"There you are Demar. I thought you had forgotten," a woman said as she walked up to them. She had long black hair, decietful eyes and a beautiful figure.

"I had not forgotten, dear Pherisa. I was merely engaged in a converation with Truin," Demar replied.

"Get out of here, both of you! The valley is not for the likes of your kind!" Truin hissed and Pherisa looked at him.

"That may be so now but perhaps things will change later. Come on, Demar."

Pherisa walked off with Demar following her.


"You're back," Roan commented as Judan walked over to a basin filled with water and rinsed his hands.

"Vejita will be strong," Judan commented as he wiped his hands dry.

"Even strong planets can crumble," the Elder said and Judan glanced up.

"what do you mean, Elder? I worked hard on that planet!" Judan protested.

"Aye, you did work hard, but not every world is meant to stand firm. Now, have you thought of a name for your newest creation?"

"It's cute," Kalina said as she picked up the infantile biped with glistening emeral skin. "But it's heavy. It weighs much more than a child should weigh."

"It's because of the robes," Judan said and Kalina looked at him.


"Yes. They're weighted. You see, this one will be a warrior. Others will be healers and other things."

"Namek," Roan said and Judan looked at him.

"What did you say?" he inquired.

"That will be its name. Namek."

"I like that name. I didn't know you could come up with names, Roan," Kalina said as she looked around. "Where's Truin? I want to tell him what I did."

"You will find Truin in the valley, young one. Go to him while you still can," the Elder said and Kalina looked at him.

"What do you mean? What's going to happen to him?"

"All in good time, young one."

"But I want to know. He's not leaving, is he?"

"You'll know everything in good time."


Truin walked over to where his flute sat and sat beside it. He leaned back against the tree trunk and gazed up at the sky. He thought about Kalina and how she always visited him. she was the only contact he had with the other Talons. He thought about her face and her hands and...

"I wonder if Volura DID cast as spell on us," Truin said aloud.

"I sure wish I had," a voice said and Truin sat up. A tall, beautiful woman with long pink hair and light blue eyes stood before him. She wore purple knee-high boots and a exotic style bathing suit and a long, high necked cape. "But, I had nothing to do with your little relationship."

"Then what is it?"

"I wish I knew what's between you two. I'm a little jealous of it."

"Truin! Oh, hi Volura," Kalina said as she slowed down. "I didn't know you were here. Um...I guess I'll come back later."

"It's all right, Kalina. I was just talking to him. I wasn't doing anything else," Volura said.

"I didn't say you were."

"So how is Vejita?" Truin asked.

"Pretty," Kalina replied as she sat down on the grass. Truin walked over to where Kalina sat and knelt beside her.

"That's all?" he asked and she glanced a him.

"Yes. Why? Should there be more?"

"What did you do?"

"I woke animals up."

"Sounds boring," Volura said and Kalina looked at her.

"It wasn't boring! I took care of the ants and worms and I saw the first Saiyen," Kalina said.

"The first what?"

"One of Judan's names," Truin explained.

"Figures. He gets creative with naming his things," Volura said.

"They are not things!" Kalina protested then drew back when Truin touched her.

"Why can't you relax, Kalina?" Truin inquired as he brought a hand up to caress her chin. He gazed warmly into her eyes and smiled. Kalina drew back again and Volura watched her.

"I guess I make her nervous," Volura commented.

"You don't make her nervous," Truin said as he took Kalina's hand.

"Still I think it's best. Goodbye Kalina."

"Goodbye. What are you doing now?" Kalina asked Truin.

"Can I not touch you? Did Volura make you that nervous? Kalina I think you know how I feel about you."

"Truin, you're my companion..."

"Is there nothing more?"

"I don't know."

"Do you truly not know or do you refuse to say?"

"You're doing it again. You and Truth. You don't trust me?"

"I want to know how you feel."

"I feel fine."

"Dear Kalina, that's not what I meant."

"It's not?"

"No. Come here, please."

"Truin, you're overstepping your boundaries, aren't you?" Demar asked and Truin looked up.

"Why are you desecrating the valley? You have no right being here," Truin snapped and stood up. Demar grinned widely at him and Truin's eyes darkened.

"I come for Kalina. Did you forget that I wished to speak with her?"

"Why should I let her talk to you?"

"You don't control her Truin."

"Truin is worried. At least I think he is," Kalina said as she watched Truin.

"Why do you concern yourself so much with that one, fair one?" Demar asked.


"Because? What kind of answer is that?"

"My answer."

"That is not an answer. I want an answer Kalina."

"I gave you an answer."