Mini disclaimer: Yes, some credit is due here, but only for inspiration, since this IS an original. So HA! *Flames fanfiction* This was inspired partially by my own life, and partially by a magic and wizards (aka duel monsters) card called Marie the Fallen One. It's my little sister's, which really sucks, because it is one of the most beautiful cards I have ever seen. And a very small part of the idea partially came from the Yuyu Hakusho episode with the little girl who tries to drag the Shota kid to Heaven with her. But I just wanted to say that. But it isn't about the card or Yuyu Hakusho, so it's original! And Alli made it up. *Victory sign* And I think it sounds pretty neat in my head, so splendiferous for me. If you really get that angry about it being here, I'll change it, kill you, or both. Even though Marie's a card and this person has a spiffy-erm, not so spiffy life to talk about. Just to clear things up. Alli promises to shut up from now on. *Grin* How many times has she broken that promise...? Partially is a fun word.


All I saw was light. Sopping drops of consolidated sunlight dripping from the skies in cascades of thick, sickly sugared honey and dribbling into my pale emerald eyes, so comforting and warm. Wondrous waves of gold, speeding into my despondent, jaded, deadened eyes, zipping through my burdened veins, and creeping towards my heart to mend my scarred and ice-drenched core. Brilliant rays of incandescence poured into the very bowels my soul. Golden luminosity, bursting through the clouds, persevering through the darkness...that I knew so very well...the divine filaments poked through the dense blankets of Heaven, beaming kindly down upon my face. Its warm hand fondly kissed my ashen cheeks as I ascended upwards into the mist, above the turmoil, the pain, the slaughter-soaked days that I had so endured in life...if one could even call that an existence. But alas, I could bear it no did not seem worth the ache, life's merit was just not valued enough to compare with the repetitive shattering of my brittle heart and the scattering of its blood-spattered splinters to the wicked winds as they brushed past. Those winds...they would never let go, they seemed to clutch my frozen soul with a grip that even the mightiest of warriors could never hope to break. I had never found those pieces, though I had so longingly craved for them and scoured the earth with my spirit if just for a fleeting glimpse of their beauteous tenderness.

But I forgot it, everything, that illumination seemed to disintegrate it all, all the suffering, the carnage, the all...just...died. It perished. It was gone. It was such an ostensibly illusionary enlightenment that I had never envisaged possible. I felt no more contempt; no more fatal throbbing, no more sorrow lingered in my mind to plague my thoughts with sobs...all I felt was love. Such everlasting passion that I simply could not suppress. It swept around my essence, enveloping my mind and sending me into a pure domain where everything was right...such an innocent one could hurt me, no one neglected me, all they wanted...all they felt...was such a loving devotion that I nearly wept in such bliss that I had never felt before. And I wanted to love them in return.

A prickle aroused in the blades of my back; I lethargically tilted my head in its direction, absorbed in my apparent rebirth. Wings...wings...? A fan of elegant, pearly feathers sprung from my form, sweeping from my previously sickly figure, and swaying in the sweet winds of the skies. They indolently fluttered through the wavering wafts, now fully fashioned in a majestic cape of angelic white. Wings...had I achieved the ultimate salvation...? I was unable to last through all that grief, yet somehow I was allocated such supreme Paradise? I became aware of a gleaming, balmy aura engulfing my form as I swam upwards, and I smiled a bright and sunny beam that seemed to shoot from my pasty lips and slice into the Universe beyond...for the first time in all my seven years of life, I smiled. I couldn't contain it; it just gave the impression of slinking through my mouth and erupting on my cheeks like a midsummer, dreamy grin such as a child who has just experienced their first cone of tantalizing ice cream of the season trickling into their mouths and seeping down their pudgy chins. Why was I never allotted such simple pleasures? But ah, that did not matter now. For all that was gone now...dissolved into the relentless rays of sunlight...never to plague my mind and guiltless essence with unspeakable horrors ever again. Never again.

But...what was this...? A new feeling intruding my seemed to derive from...from somewhere far below...a burning, scalding, torturous being from a land no man would ever dare to embark into...this creature sliced into my formerly harmonious mentality, wreaking such havoc wherever it touched so that I writhed in torment. What wished such affliction upon my child's spirit? Who desired to further continue my inexorable ache through life into this next world as well? It bubbled viciously through my icy blood; I could sense it being infected, corrupted, stained with this river of stealthy evil. I suddenly was wrenched downwards violently, as if a wintry hand of death had grasped my scrawny legs and yanked me towards the ground. I struggled against its malicious, wicked grip, crying out in desperation, but alas, my useless attempts paid no hindrance to its determined onslaught. I was hauled downwards into a world not unknown to me through my trek of never-ending pain, and I shouted again, frantically hoping someone, just someone would hear my sobs and come to my rescue...but that was not to happen.

I watched helplessly as that beckoning light slowly crept from my view, taunting me with its amorous hands of love and faith as I was drawn from it with an acerbic pace that would have sent most into a frenzy of insanity. I wept. A hot torrent of beleaguered tears exploded from my eyes, seeping down my cheeks in a salty waterfall of unpolluted despair. What more could I have done? I yelped, helpless as I saw my once saintly set of airy plumage plummet into darkness, their downy fascias erupted with a shadowy tar that enveloped their blithe forms and drenched them in the colors of the night. In but a minute they were engulfed by the soot-like, gloomy substance; a spiteful set of ebony claws rested menacingly atop my wings were black now. A murky, dark, wicked hue that was surely that of Satan Himself. Black wings...where had I seen these before...? That painting... was forced from my distant memory as I realized with horror that my skin was morphing into the same lifeless, sinister tone as my wings, hardening and crusting over to a rock-like nightshade that could hardly qualify as human skin...long, pointed, ominous blades shot from the tips of my dismal fingers, coated in tarnished tones as well, and I cringed as I detected a sharp trespasser in my mouth...I probed the area with my tongue, shocked to feel a sting upon it and I tasted that familiar liquid in my mouth...blood. Hesitantly placing a quacking finger to the place of discomfit, I drew it back with uncertainty to view, with utter dread...a tiny, single globule of inky blood, once so pure and clean, was now contaminated with such an evil that His power boiled through my veins, if I even had those now. What of my heart...what could I do but hope with terror that it was not...but...was it a stone...could I ever love again...? It suddenly dawned on me that I must be a minion of the Devil himself now, for what kind of angel possesses such sinful plumes of black? None. Only a creature of the night, a demon of the starlight, a spirit of the twilight held such heavenly being would appear as I did...and none would accept one as such either...could I be...but no...what of the light...the love...the hope...? It was dissipated now. I had seen it locked from me with the very eyes that had trusted it to guide me...but I was wrong...dead wrong...

I clenched my glassy orbs would go away...just like the fate I had thought death would bring upon my afflictions from life...but what a stupid human notion. My body careened downward, back to the hell upon the planet so dubbed 'Earth' from whence I had came...I would never return to that radiance I had been privileged to have but one, ephemeral, ethereal peek at before I was wrenched from it for eternity...I was destined to suffer. Just like I always knew, but never truly wanted to believe...well, I had better believe it now. For it was true. I had descended into the chasm of the undead...and the fallen...they do not rise.