"Andrea!  Andrea, where are you?" a teenage gypsy girl shouted, shoving her way through the crowds, "Andrea, Gabriel's calling everyone to the boats!" 

            The girl's long, dark brown hair was loosely gathered in a messy French braid, tied at the end with a blue ribbon.  A mess of freckles, just barely visible, dotted her cheeks.  Well-to-do ladies frowned at her exposed throat and ankles.  Men loitering outside the Gull's Feather pub grinned at each other, getting a good look at her bare shoulders.  They were only disappointed that the neckline of her dress wasn't as low as they'd have liked. 

            The simple dress she wore looked a bit more flattering due to the green corset that was laced in the front.  The red choker on her throat had a tiny locket on it, making a jingling noise as she walked quickly on the cobblestones. 

"Hey girlie!  Join us fer a drink, eh?" a man said, abandoning the place on the wall he'd been leaning on.  The girl looked his way, and the other men started whistling and catcalling.  The man that had spoken grinned wide, revealing several missing teeth.  Not wasting another moment of her time, the girl glared at them acidly before flipping them off and continuing down the busy street. 

"Andrea?  Andrea!"  She spotted a small crowd and ran towards it.  Pushing closer to the center of its attention, she heard a clear, rich voice with a very slight Spanish accent. 

"Come now, come now, don't be shy!  Step right up and try your luck!"  Sitting next to a crate that served as a table was a dark-skinned woman, her thick, wavy, black hair tied back with a burgundy ribbon.  On the crate she was shifting around three shells so fast that the eye couldn't trace them.  A man sat at the side of the crate opposite her, rying to follow the path of one of the shells. 

"Alright sir, find the coin and win the game!"  Andrea stopped shuffling and lined up the three shells in a line.  The man confidently pointed to the one in the middle.  Andrea smirked. 

"You sure about that, sir?"  The man nodded impatiently. 

"Yes, yes, get on with it!"  Andrea smirked and shrugged. 

"As you say, sir."  Without further ado, Andrea lifted the shell to reveal nothing underneath.  "Ooh, you were too slow, sir!" she said happily, picking up the shell on the left to show that a gold coin was there.  A few people in the crowd clapped, and the man grudgingly dropped some coins on the crate and stormed away.  Andrea grinned and scooped the money into a pouch. 

"Come on folks, you cold be a winner!  Any takers?" 

"Andrea!" the girl yelled over the hubbub.  The woman looked up and smiled at her.  She stacked the shells and packed them into a bag on her lap. 

"My associate beckons, good people, and I must take my leave.  A thousand apologies!" she said, bowing and going to join the girl, "What's the big idea, Gillian, I was on a winning streak!" 

"Well you can continue your wining streak in Spain; Gabriel says we're shoving off."  Andrea squealed and clapped her hands, making the bangles on her wrists ring noisily. 

"Ooh, I knew Gabe had an eye for business!  Come on, let's go!"  Looping an arm around Gillian's waist, Andrea took off down the street at a jog.  Gillian copied and grabbed her friend's waist as well, matching her pace so as not to fall and be left behind in Andrea's excitement.