By:Andrew Troy Keller

When I was about nine years old,I had asked my mother and father what type of world lies beyond those walls.

So far,all they had told me to do was forget about it and left it at that.

But that was before I had decided that Toby Carter wasn't going to be a prisoner forever and to bust myself out of that place.

I had done so by sneaking into a laundry truck and allowed it to take me as far away from that place as it would possibly take me.

As soon as we had reached a city known as New York,I had gotten myself out of the truck and saw for myself how wonderful it really is.

However,I was so mesmerized by the city's splendor that I had failed to notice a car speeding towards me.

After the car had hit me,...well,at least I'm still in one piece.

As for the car,I'm sorry to say that it had looked like it has seen better days.

After I had walked away from the wreck,every one of the citizens of the city had looked at me with fear in their eyes as if to call me the one thing that frightens them most--A MUTANT!

Then suddenly,a United States Armed Forces helicopter had landed next to me.

At that moment,I had realized that I had no choice,but to be taken back to the lab--be a test subject forever!