Chapter 1

Walking into the class Chris sits down in the back corner away from everything else. She's about 5'3 slim, black hair, white bandanna and wears all black. Chris is a loner she has no friends and sticks to herself; she always gets in trouble and is skipping school. She appears normal except for a jagan eye that's covered by the bandanna and she's a demon. Half kitsune and half fire, she's in the ningenkai world because she saw her lover, Youko Kurama die. Her "brother" Hiei disappeared, he's not really her brother but there relationship is brother-sister.

10 minuets into period one which was math the intercom buzzed on and the office secretary started to say, "Can we have," when her teacher finished for her, "Chris to the office, yes you can have her to the office."

"Thank you" and the intercom buzzed off. Chris stood up and walked out of the room and down the hall toward the office, as she entered the office she headed strait towards the principal's office. Sitting in two chairs in a spare room were two people that Chris couldn't see. She was about to walk into the principal's office when a lady walked out and smiled at her Chris glanced at the lady and let her by.

"Ok so what did I do this time?" Chris asked as she sat down across from the principal, without invitation.

"Nothing amazingly, I have a favor to ask of you." Mrs. A, the principal said looking at Chris.

"What?" Chris said intrigued also very surprised she did nothing this time, cause she's always getting in trouble and being suspended.

"We have two new students and I would like you to show them around since they have been given the same schedule as you and their personalities are like yours." She responded.

"Sure, does this get me out of detention this afternoon?" Chris asked eager to get out of detention with Mrs. Keili.

"Yes, you have to walk them to and from school, they moved into a house on your street." Mrs. A. said also she was surprised that Chris would do this, "They are in the detention room next door, the one with red hair is Suuichi Minamino, the black haired one is Hiei Minamino, Suuichi is the son of the woman who just walked out and Hiei is Suuichi's cousin."

"Ok thanks." Chris said and walked towards the door and left, heading for the detention room. She gave the room a quick glance and turned to the two boys. The Hiei sitting in front of her with his chair leaning against the wall, eyes closed, headphones on looked oddly like her bro from the Makia. Suuichi was sitting in a chair at the table reading and looked over at Chris when she walked in, he smiled at her and didn't even seem to notice that she was trying to figure out why she felt that both him and Hiei felt familiar.

"Hello" Suuichi said, closing his book and placing in his bag and hitting Hiei's knee so he would come back to this world. "Hi" grunted Hiei as he put his cd player in his bag and looked at Chris.

"Alright I'll take you to your first class your schedules are the same as mine so I'm going to be your guide for the day." Chris said and turned to walk out seeing that Suuichi and Hiei were next to her. Suuichi was wearing kakis and a red t-shirt that matched his bright red hair. Hiei was wearing black shorts and a black t-shirt, his hair was spiky, had a white stripe across the front and he wore a white headband. Chris lead them to their lockers which were next to hers they put their stuff away and grabbed their binders for period 1 which was math. Walking into class she interrupts her teacher and introduces Suuichi and Hiei to the class before leading them to seats next to her in the back.

Suuichi appeared to be paying attention in class and Hiei was like Chris half asleep and not paying attention, but looked like they were. The bell rang symbolizing the end of the class and her teacher asked to talk to Hiei and Suuichi. He gave them the textbooks asked them to catch up with the class and sent them on their way.

"So how boring did you think math is?" Chris asked interested in their opinion.

"Deathly" Suuichi replies and Hiei merely goes 'hn'

"Ok, so we have SS next" She says and they all get their books out of their lockers. Walking into the classroom she introduces Suuichi and Hiei to her teacher and they get their textbooks and any work they need before taking seats in the back next to Chris. 45 minuets later the bell and rang and they left class getting the books for the next one.

Walking into art Chris introduces the two guys and sits down in the corner and starts drawing. Hiei and Suuichi sit down at the table with her. Hiei pulls out paper and a pencil and pretends to draw. Suuichi pulls out paper and a pencil and starts to draw. Looking over at Chris's work Suuichi sees a very skillfully drawn fox on one piece of paper while she is drawing a dragon on the other.

"Wow these are really good Chris." He complements.

"Thanks, drawing is one of the few things in good at" she replies looking up into his face, "what are your guys hobbies?"

"I like to draw, growing things and fighting." Suuichi said.

"I like to fight" Hiei said

"Wow we all like the same things, I like to draw, grow things and fight" Chris replied, "We should hang out together and practice"

"Good idea" Suuichi said, "Hiei will do that to if you are any good by his standards" Hiei merely grunted in agreement. "So after school we can all hang around my place cause my mom will be at work, we can do our school work and then train."

"Sounds good to me" Chris said, "I live with my aunt and she's doesn't care where I am as long as she doesn't have to come get me out of the police station" Class ended and they all headed toward LA

Chris introduced Hiei and Suuichi and someone muttered 'why'd they have to have the bitch show the cute guy around?' I smirked and Suuichi and Hiei rolled their eyes and sat down next to me in the back of the class. After class our teacher gave them any work and all 3 of them went on their way to their lockers.

"Lunch and then study hall" Chris says grabbing her science and lunch as Hiei and Suuichi do the same, "come on lets eat in the media center" leading the way there and claiming a table in the corner and sitting down. Suuichi started to eat and read his book, Hiei just sat there staring into space and eating. Chris sat there eating her mind in turmoil Hiei had the aura of a demon and there was some thing about Suuichi that hinted demon. Hiei's headband seemed to be annoying Chris for some reason while Chris's headband seemed to be annoying Hiei.

The bell rang symbolizing the end of lunch and no one moved. Chris got up and threw out her garbage and Hiei and Suuichi did too shortly after her. All though study hall they drew, read or just sat there in their own little worlds until the bell rang signaling the transition to period 7, which was science.

Chris went through the routine of introducing them and then went and sat down in the back not paying attention. When science was over Hiei and Suuichi got all the work needed and their textbooks before throwing everything into their lockers and heading down to the gym. Once they got there Chris introduced them to the gym teachers and they went and sat down on the bleachers and waited for class to start. They were doing gymnastics in gym and they had ropes for climbing and other stuff. After doing some stuff class was finally over and they left.

Stopping at their lockers they grabbed their bags and started walking. Suuichi was the first one to talk. "Well that was an interesting day"

"Hn, it was boring" Hiei said, and under his breath he said 'stupid ningenkai schools' Suuichi didn't here him but Chris did.

"Its always boring I normally sleep during it" Chris replied thinking about what Hiei just said confirming her thoughts about him being a demon, she wasn't positive if he was her bro, he certainly acted like him, dressed like him and looked like him. They arrived at Suuichi and Hiei's house and walked in dropping their bags in the kitchen on the table Hiei sat down, Chris sat down and Suuichi went to the fridge.

Tossing Hiei a bottle of water he asked if Chris wanted anything to drink. She responded she would have water so he brought her over a bottle of water too. They did all their schoolwork and at 4:30 decided to go train for a bit until Mrs. Minamino got home. Walking outside Suuichi and Hiei led they way into a small clearing just inside the woods.

"Who wants to fight first?" Suuichi asked, "and against whom?"

"I will," Chris replied, "are we using weapons?"

"Sure" Hiei said without a second thought. Chris walked to the center of the clearing and drew a small sword from her shoulder bag before tossing the bag on the clearings edge. The swords sheath was black and had a flame and rose engraved on it with red, black and silver. Suuichi eyed the scabbard knowing that he had seen that symbol, the flame and rose entwined before, Hiei was thinking the same thing as he drew his sword.

Using telepathy he said to Suuichi I replied Suuichi. Chris and Hiei started to fight for a bit before they really got into the fight. Every now and then Suuichi would yell out advice or encouragement to Chris. In her mind Chris was saying 'he fights just like my bro, could this really be him, they seemed to recognize my scabbard.'

The fight ended with Hiei disarming Chris because she let him but she pretended that he won because he was better then her.

"You fight well," Hiei said, "almost as good as an old friend of mine" before grabbing the water bottle Suuichi tossed to him from the air.

"What happened your friend?" Chris was interested

"She died." Suuichi stated firmly, "who wants to fight, or should we take a break?" Chris was thinking could they mean me, "Hmm what I'm sorry I was thinking"

"Would you care for another go or to take a break?" Suuichi repeated for Chris.

"I'll go for another, thanks" Chris replied she wasn't tired, "Can I fight you this time Suuichi?" she asked innocently.

"Of course, but I fight without weapons" Suuichi replied, lying. He was a kitsune so he fought with a rose whip. Chris nodded and placed her sword back in the sheath and laid it on the ground by the edge of the clearing, before turning back to Suuichi.

"Ready?" he asked

"Yes" she replied and the started to spar, it appeared as though Suuichi had the upper hand and was winning for a bit. Hiei was sitting in a tree observing with interest, unexpectedly Suuichi managed to land a hit to the side of Chris's head because she turned it out of the way so it hit the side.

One problem, the rose hidden in her hair came dislodged and fell to the ground. It was a blood rose; pure red, only one other person had a rose like it and that was Kurama. Suuichi gasped and froze, Hiei jumped down and picked up the rose looking strait into Chris's eyes. Chris gulped; she was frozen in the same spot she was when he rose fell from concealment.

"I knew it" Hiei muttered, "you are Chrisan, the symbol on you scabbard and the only other person with this type of rose is Youko Kurama."