Chapter 5

2 days later, after her capture. Chris was sitting in her cell, more like leaning against the wall for support. She was warded so heavily she could barley move; wards suppressed her power over her fire and kitsune powers. One covered her jagan, one on her arm, the back of her neck and a few in seemingly random places like her leg and shoulder. On the 3rd day Koenma, Yuske, Kurama and Hiei came for a visit.

"How do you feel?" Koenma asked sarcastically. "Never better? What are you so worried about, for such high security on me?" Chris asked innocently.

"Hn" was all Hiei would say thought the interrogation. Kurama winked at Chris

"Why didn't Kurama and Hiei help to bring me in?" Chris asked returning Kurama's wink.

"They are untrustworthy, Kurama being a kitsune may have sided with you, while Hiei, who knows if he had a alliance with you, we don't know his past." Koenma answered.

"You don't even trust your own team? How pathetic" Chris said and Hiei spoke into her mind she replied with much effort and then passed out.

"So much for questioning her further" Yuske said as they all turned to leave, Kurama left last and smiled sadly at Chris before leaving. All during the next day Chris recovered as much strength as possible for her state by 5 o'clock she was ready. She concentrated all her energy on transferring to Kurama's house and into his room. 10 seconds later, Kurama who had been sitting at his desk reading suddenly turned around when he heard Chris's labored breathing as she appeared about 3 feet away from him before collapsing. Hiei ran in and closed the door behind him.

"Hurry we must remove the wards and get her back into her human form before anyone notices." Hiei said as he and Kurama worked to remove all the wards from her and Kurama and Hiei worked to bring her back into consciousness.

"Come on, come on" Kurama said, as Chris woke up, "Change into you human form" he ordered she did that and them blacked out totally. Oh great Kurama thought what are we going to do with her.

"Relax we'll find a way to smuggle her back to her house" Hiei said and walked out of Kurama's room, "hold on" and he went down the stairs. Moments later he walked back up, "Your moms distracted, walk downstairs and say that you and I are going for a walk, I'm jumping out the window with her and ill meet you in the road, go" Hiei said and Kurama walked out. Walking down the street Kurama and Hiei, still carrying Chris turned into her driveway and walked up to her house, Kurama rang the bell and waited for her aunt to come to the door.

"Oh my god, what happened? I've been so worried" Marie said, waving them into the house.

"She challenged Koenma and the others, and allowed herself to lose on purpose, you must get her back up to health, she's unconscious and has been warded very heavily and has not recovered from losing all her power." Kurama said as he and Hiei brought her inside and lay her on the coach that her aunt indicated, once they were sure Chris was safe they left with a promise to check on her tomorrow.

All though the night Marie watched over Chris making sure she didn't have any problems. At one point during the night she was muttering but still unconscious. At about 3 o'clock Chris woke up and muttered, 'Kurama, where is Kurama? I need him' before falling a sleep, instead of unconscious.

Later the next day at about 3:30 Kurama and Hiei arrived from school, letting Marie take a break and get some sleep.

"Kurama, she woke up and asked for you about half an hour ago." Marie said before going to her room upstairs. For a while Kurama and Hiei just sat there watching her, but soon Kurama got bored and straightened up the room and then sat down near her head and placed a hand on her forehead.

Kurama started healing her and taking care of the cuts all over her body. Hiei grabbed fresh bandages and handed then to Kurama when they were needed. Finally, they finished re bandaging her and they sat back down, Hiei went and got 2 bottles of water and gave on e to Kurama. Chris woke up

"Kurama?" she asked, "Is that you?"

"Yes, and Hiei's here too," he said smiling Hiei didn't move from his seat, "How are you feeling? You've been out for over 12 hours and have only woken up once."

"I feel terrible, can you do something about that?" Chris attempted to sit up but couldn't, Kurama support her until she was leaning against the couch in a comfortable position.

"No, sorry, there is a dance tomorrow night, want to go if your up to it?" Kurama asked evilly, "You know I don't go to school stuff, Kurama"


"People will talk if I go with you"


"Ok, ill go I'll be up to health for it anyway, stop by here before school so we can walk together" Chris said and fell asleep.

"Kurama, we've been here for almost 2 hours lets go home I'm hungry" Hiei said and walked towards the door, "Ok," Kurama bent down and kissed Chris gently on the forehead.