Gwen stood out on the front stoop anxiously awaiting the arrival of the bus. The cool fall winds whipped about her hair angrily. 'So much for spending anytime on it' she thought. The buss pulled up to her house and Gwen reluctantly boarded it. Before she had even gotten to her seat she had a Twinkie and three paper balls thrown at her. 'Well at least now I have breakfast.' She thought sarcastically.

It was the first day of school and Gwen's reputation hadn't changed since the year before; she was still the school loser.

The bus pulled up to Clintwood Fields High and with a jerk came to a stop. On the way down the bus steps Marcel, a hotshot football player, decided to trip her down the stairs. CRASH! She fell down the stairs and spilt her books all over the ground in front of her. Everyone laughed; no one offered her any help. Gwen closed her eyes and counted to ten. 'Maybe if I just ignore them they will go away, why won't they just go away?' With tears in her eyes Gwen hurriedly gathered her books and ran in to the school. There was more laughter; she decided to take a run for the bathroom.

Once Gwen had regained her composure she walked to the gym head down. People had already begun to filter in for the year start assembly, and as every year they had begun to divide themselves in to cliques. Jocks, Cheerleaders, students, druggies, smokers, Goths, struggling artists, outcasts, niners, and Gwen. Gwen quickly found a place in the gyms corner for a party of one. 'Here comes another year of hell.' She thought glumly. More people filtered into the gym and started making obvious suggestions about her. Gwen pressed herself further into the corner trying to be invisible. 'Why me?' she thought 'Why not the kid with the gross teeth, or the kid with acne so bad his face looks like a volcanic pizza, why me?' But she knew why, it wasn't because she wore glasses or had unusually bright green eyes, or because her hair was unfashionably long. It was because her very first year of high school she had made the mistake of telling her at the time best friend she was gay. And that was something that just wasn't said, at least not if you wanted to have friends.

"ATTENTION!" The microphone screeched as principle Truncate prepared to make the year start speech. "Welcome to, or back to Clintwood Fields High School, I hope you all enjoyed your summer but it is over now and you had better act that it is! I am your principle Mr. Truncate. If you need anything, don't bother finding me, because I don't care. In high school no one cares about you. You will fend for yourself, and you will get things done, we have a reputation to uphold.

The lights dimmed and an eerie blue light was cast across the gym. On to the wall was projected the words 'God and family may love you no matter what, but we are not God or your family, so get the job done.' That was the schools creed, or at least the adopted one, Gwen seemed to recall that she had seen once in her agenda that it was 'God, Family, School, working hand in hand, guiding you to your future.'

"Your schedule can be found at the location I am about to announce" The microphone blared as the lights began to blink back on. "Proceed to that room once your grade is called. Grade Nines and Newcomers -Gym! Grade Tens- Room 206 Grade Elevens- Room 115

Gwen got up and attempted to beat the crowds to room 115. 'Maybe' she thought 'if I get there quickly I can avoid it all together.'

Gwen arrives at room 115 and grabbed her time table and then ran out to find her class.