By Heart of the Sword

Anger builds a wall around your heart
Squeezing out any clear thoughts that remain
Chains of ice freezing you from the start
Leaving nothing but a piercing pain

Thoughts are made fuzzy and impaired
Your eyes are like blocks of stone
You quickly forget the good times you shared
If you let rage control you, you will be alone

You shake and tremble in this frost cloud
Unable to believe what has just transpired
The silence is deafening yet so loud
You can't say anything and are so tired

You slowly breath and let the feelings fade
You relax and forgive by saying "It's alright"
Now you can walk the path you have made
For you have once again regained sight

Your soul is free from coldness and hate
For you have been strong to easily forgive
In the one that has hurt you, you had faith
Showing gentleness in the way you live

And it only took two little words to say
To let all that evil ice melt away