A psalm I wrote for my bible class, originally titled.
A Lament

O my Sweet Father! Within my heart beats a thunderous agony.
I stand in death, running with staggered breathing,
away from life I wish to flee,
out of my body I wish to escape.

The bitter screaming
of an innocent heart's assassination,
echoes in my head.

The sleeping murderess arose
from within the folds of body
killing and violating my soul,
abusing and defiling my mind.

I set her free again Father,
I let her pilfer and ravage
and rob me blind away.

I am left to bleed to death,
and cry an aria of tears,
like the hands of the violin
cry a melody of far away sorrow.

Pick me up Father and carry me home.
Push away my demons
and sing me back to sleep,
let me rest in you.

Your promise of forgiveness
parts the black curtains
behind my eyes,
stops my symphony
of beautiful sadness.

You, my Father, will restore my innocence,
You will accept me,
while all others shun and spit
on the dirty one.

You will put my murderess to death,
You will cleanse me of her,
And her pretty, lewd lips
Will be forever silenced
And You will save me from myself.

In You I will awaken
And run away from hiding in shame.
My own lovely lies,
my string of faux pearls
finally removed from my neck.
And I shall praise You endlessly
and find Your rhythm again.