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curious to hear what your guesses will be.

The Speculum

In front of you I waste away
Staring into a sunken gaze
A critical eye stares back at me
A searing spiteful hate
Behind you lies nothing
An empty visionary are you
No future beyond your bright clear eye
You are a brittle trap
Playing a childish joke
A backward window
A still killer are you
Boring deep into begging eyes
Contracting pupils, crushing irises
Waiting for answers from a silent tongue
Within you lies two worlds
To which you delegate on a fancy
With your bitter chameleon eye
To those who see with heavy eyes
You curse with false critics
Those possessing shallows fathoms
You bless with satisfying distorted vision
A villain are you
Innocent gaze into a deluge of transgressions
A burning vendetta have I
Vile copycat, silly liar
But an addiction of confessions are you
Thus between us
You remain unbroken