There were four cloaked figures standing alone on a hill. A huge bonfire blazed in front of them and they were chanting. It was hard to make it out but sounded like it was Latin or Gaelic.

"Nos autem imploro tu Osiris absolvo nostrum ab tui cruciatus et alieno nostrum et abeo absum"

Over and over again they chanted it. Soon they were spinning in circles around the bonfire, gaily almost. Faster and faster they twirled until they were almost a blinding blur of green. One of the hoods of the figures fell off and a flash of bright red hair was shown before the hood was hastily drawn back up.


Sitting straight up in her bed, Aislin Cailean gasped for air. She'd had this dream for ages. And she was no closer to understand what they meant. She wasn't one for ancient languages, even that of her own nationality. Her mother had pleaded with her to learn Gaelic, telling her over and over again that someday it could save her life. But if she wasn't even going to learn Gaelic how the hell did anyone expect her to learn Latin?!

Smoothing her wild red dredelocks, Aislin absentmindedly rubbed the small tattoo on her shoulder. Her mother had grounded her for weeks for getting that. It still stung sometimes but she wouldn't let anyone know that. Aislin Bryanne Cailean wasn't a baby and let no one know when she was in pain. Not even when it was as tormenting as the aching feeling she felt when she woke up from the dream.

Rolling over onto her side, Aislin pulled the tie-dye sheet back up to cover her shoulders and fell back asleep. Just before she lapsed into complete unconsciousness Aislin muttered something she wasn't even sure she said.

"We now beseech you Osiris to free us from your torment and let us go and be free."