Time flies by and by,

some times we just need to stop

not check the time,

but look to the sky.

Don't look to people,

their motives corrupt.

You don't know their thoughts

till all is to late.

The time has passed.

I'm locked in here,

there's no way out

I'm going to snap.

You don't care,

you just sit and stare

as he sucks the life out of me.

If God brings you to it,

He will bring you through it.

Is that what you say?

You hide behind

anything you can,

just so you don't have to realize,

it happened,

and you were standing there.

You watched everything.

And carried on,

as if I weren't there.

I survived,

so head this warning.

Now I help those in need,

and scorn those who look down on those

who are in the same place they once were.

People can be deceiving,

many only want one thing.

Please be careful,

don't get hurt.

Please don't hurt me.

I can't take the pain.

My throat is clogged,

my body paralyzed.

I can't say no,

I can't even pull away.

So just leave me here alone.

Where the only one to harm me is me.

Where the loneliness is drowning,

but the fear isn't overwhelming.

So just leave me here,

let me die.

Once you didn't care,

do us both a favor,

and go back to that.