~*~It's Love~*~

"KAI-CHAN!!!" The two friends quickly ran to their leader.

"Stop," said Kairi coldly. "Don't come near me."

Xu and Kanki obey, giving each other worried glances.

"Hey! Is that any way to treat your friends after they've been worried sick

about you!?" cried Tsuki, surprised at Kairi's reaction. They had arrived to some kind

of small cliff that overlooked several flower gardens. Not many people knew of this

cliff--the entrance was shrouded with vines and moss.

"How the hell did you find this place?" asked Kairi, her back still facing the


"Riri..." Kairi's eyes widened in shock. Only one person called her by that

nickname. She turns around, more tears appearing in her eyes.

"Ka-chan!" cried Kairi. "...You remember! You remember!"

Kairi got up to her feet. Her legs wobbled--she had been sitting for hours. She

ran towards Kazu, a look of determination on her face.

"Ka-chan..." she whispers. SMACK.

"H-Hirihiri!?" cried Tsuki. Everyone was just as shocked as Tsuki. Kazu lifts his

hand and touches his bruised cheek.

"Y-You bastard!!!" screams Kairi, putting her hand down. She glares angrily

at Kazu.

"...I guess I deserved that," he says.

"You 'guess'!?" exclaimed Xu.

"We were best friends! We were supposed to get married! But you! Suddenly

you just left me for no reason! You acted like you never saw me in your life!" bursted

Kairi. She raised her hand to slap him again. Kazu grabs her wrist to prevent any

further injury.

"Let me explain!" barked Kazu. Kairi's eyes widened. Never in her life had she

ever seen Kazu this angry. Kazu sighs and drops her hand.

"The reason I stopped talking to you was because I needed...I needed

someone like Tsuki."

"Tsuki!?" cried Kairi. She turns her head towards Tsuki and glares. Tsuki's

face was flushed--and she was confused.

"You see, my mother died when I was 11. My mother...She was a wonderful

person and she took good care of me. When she died, I was left all alone. I needed

her care. I thought that maybe, if I started dating someone like my mother,

maybe...maybe that girl can replace Okaa-san...So I couldn't have any contact with

you, Riri. You were, and still are, a tomboy," explained Kazu.

"Why didn't you tell me!? I-I could've changed!" said Kairi. She closes the

distance between her and Kazu and embraces him, crying into his chest. "I would do

anything for you..."

"I didn't want you to change. I was selfish--I know, but I didn't want you to

be unhappy. It was best if you were to stay as yourself. If you didn't...What would've

happened to Kanashii-san and Meirou-san?" said Kazu as he gently pushes Kairi


"But Ka-chan...I-I love you!" blurted Kairi.

"...I'm sorry, I don't feel that way for you," said Kazu. Kairi shuts her eyes,

her heart felt strained.

"Why!? What's so special about Kurushimi!?"

"She's extremely kind. She would suffer all by herself--even when her friends

offer their help. She cares deeply for everyone around her..." answered Kazu,

smiling. "Just like Okaa-san..."

"It's not fair!" cried Kairi. "It's not fair she gets to keep her best friend and


"But, I guess as long as you're happy..." said Kairi. She walks past the Kazu

and the group.

"C'mon Xu, Kan-Kan. We'll all sleep over at my house today." Xu and Kanki

ran after their friend.

"Kairi..." whispered Tsuki. She felt sad. Kairi was a girl who would do

anything for Kazu--even after all he had done to her, and she still loved Kazu. Tsuki

felt envious of Kairi's strength.

"Wow, it's getting dark already! C'mon imouto-chan, Otou-san's gonna get

angry," said Haku. Tsuki glared at him, but sighed.

"Go ahead, I'll catch up," she said, walking towards Kazu. Haku just shrugged

and left with Akikaze. Makoto lingered a little longer.

"Tsuki..." he mumbles quietly. Makoto sighs and turns around and follows


"Kazu...Are you alright?" asked Tsuki. Kazu turns around and smiles.

"You know, I meant everything I said." Tsuki blushed, she wasn't sure of

what to say.

"I've been watching you for a long time now--even before our arranged

marriage. I guess I've never conjure up the courage to talk to you--until now," said

Kazu. He walks to Tsuki, leans his face down close to her red face.

"I love you," he whispered. He kissed her cheek. Tsuki's eyes widened and

her blush deepens. Kazu smiles and starts to leave.

::Oh. My. GOD!! H-He loves me!!!::

Tsuki couldn't stop the grin on her lips nor her rapidly beating heart.

::...Is this how love feels like? It must be. Then why...Why do I feel dread in

the pit of my stomach...?::


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