The Outsider

by Aveline

Feeling Flat,

It's as if nobody can see you,

There is a dark misty cloud,

Overpowering you,

Only feeling yourself,

Wanting to run,

Pushing away everyone else,

Spending too much time alone,

In your own private glass dome,

Trapping those see-saw emotions,

Not letting out the pain,

Keeping you from any happiness,

As if your legs were lame,

Screaming from the inside,

While cracking that wry smile,

Making it through the darkness of the night,

Fantasising about being in another life,

Wanting to get back on your own two feet,

But too afraid to make the giant leap,

Your being called names that you don't deserve,

Feeling like your unknown,

As a piece of litter being blown down the street,

Tumbling into a lake of icy water,

Unafraid of the fall,

Not worrying about anything else at all,

Breaking hearts,

Telling lies,

Never going to break down and cry,

Just carry on,

Until you die.