A.N.  All right, this is a free verse, and I don't usually write poetry, but due to an encounter with someone I know, I wrote this poem for him. It's my view and how I felt about the whole issue. No, I am not suicidal but the point I was making was this boy said, he hated me because he couldn't ever win in this situation. He "Loved" me but I just didn't care for him that way so then I was a bitch and he still uses this against me and his sister who happens to be my friend! He uses his mommy to get back at me so this is a tribute to him.

My Friendly Enemy

You send me home sobbing

With out blinking an eye.

You tear my heart out

And don't even try.

You cause me more pain

Then you could ever have now.

You've purposely hurt me

And I've shown you how.

You know where to strike

To make me break how I'm built.

You know what to say

 To make me feel guilt.

You know how to feign ignorance

To make me hate my self.

You bring back my hell

With out trying too much.

And everything I feared, everything that makes me insane,

You've brought back to life

And thrown in my face.

Throwing it hard

 Knowing it would work.

Knowing how to extract your revenge

In the most painful of ways...

You know where to stand

So I cannot escape you.

You know who to stand with,

And whom to speak to.

Speaking with those who will hate me as well

Making sure to break me,

As hard as you know how.

You've won all right!

It's over, leave now!

I'm a bitch, who has problems,

And I should disappear to hell!

Here is the knife covered in blood...

Are you happy now?

You should be...

You've won.

-The Queen Of Dragons