*Judgment Day*

The end of the Earth is upon us today.

Flame flashes across the sky, catching the atmosphere on fire.

Poison drenches the waters of life as the blasts echo throughout the world,

a final answer to a war which the entire world forgot why it fought.

Forests that took a millennia to grow vanish within an eye's blink,

replaced by a thousand terrible and glittering mushrooms.

Monuments to the last remnants of existence.

They are the hands of God...

Vengeful and unloving.

Innocent and guilty, consuming fire does not discriminate.

It's the last midnight. All the clocks have broken.

We've surrendered,

but no one accepts.

No one's left to love.

No one's left to breathe.

Not a single creature is left

upon this torn and wearied rock,

where even death has died.