As I float with the current in the sea

I find that I am not truly free

But I am bound by the past

Which I lived on the island of my own confusion

Where I breathed my last

I remember my torture

My thoughts are filled with the horror

Of my own self hate

And the beginning of my dreadful fate

And now the tide rises to greet its battered passenger

I look to the sun and my final ray of light

I realize this is a war that I myself must fight

With the ocean before me, floating in this sea

My past surrounds my entire being

And the battle rages in my haste of fleeing

Until the waves engulf my mortality

So you watch, attached, as I battle for reality

I remember my thoughts

Before I left myself so long ago

I thought of You and I let my soul go

Now I'm lying here this day

Now my deeds am I to pay

Feeling all this pain again

I think of You once more

Here on my raft I float, and then I turn and wave to You on shore

Wondrous hope and joy flow through me

Knowing I have left my cruelty

Stepping off my raft, embraced,

By Your loving graze

Kneeling down before You now, my heart in flames ablaze

Loved beyond all knowledge and meaning, I push my raft away

And know that I am here to stay