Shades of red

The blood you shed

Grasp my hand

Life bitter and bland

Sent to exile

No time for a trial

Found immediately guilty

These bars keep me free

Jailed in my own mind

You show me to be blind

Look away

Don't try to stay

Three o'clock a.m.

No time to slay them

Rusty used sword

Finding the horde

Bitter sweet scent

Anger yet to vent

Bash them in

They won't win

Mind in torture

Mind in horror

Hacking inside

Tell myself to hide

Can't let them in

Can't let them win

Don't believe one word they say

I'll appreciate that someday

I can feel them hacking, breaking back in

Shutting down myself just so they won't win

Frustrating feelings

Past all dealings

Don't want to see you

Colorless hues