"Quod me nutruit, me destruit."

What nourishes me destroys me.

You gave me so many things

Flowers, flutterkisses

Pretty things

Took my hand and

Led me slowly;

Little did I realize

We were headed towards the slaughter.

Hold me in your arms, darling…

Let me feel your breath on the back of my neck.

You indulge me, my innocence clinging to me

By a string.

Keep me close;

We walk ever closer

My sun-dazed, love-dazzled eyes not noticing


Rising from the horizon.

We pause on the edge

Such a beautiful view…

Kiss in the sunlight,

Breathing in you…

So many rushes of

Hot suffocation

I was drowning in you, and then—

You left me alone

On the edge of the cliff

Let go of my hand

Leave me cold and alone,

Warmth slipping away—