A/N: I wrote this at a time I was feeling really down on myself about my crush. I was going through the whole "does he/doesn't he like me?" shtick, and at the time I wrote this, I was leaning towards the latter. It's basically me being frustrated and kind of crazy and neurotic. :o) The title is a reference to Cinderella, and for some reason, it just seemed fitting, since midnight was a time of chaos and disillusionment.

"The Clock Strikes Twelve"

I'm half past melodramatic

About a quarter 'til psychotic

I'm a few after borderline manic

And somewhere along the way

I broke the hour glass

So who's even keeping count anymore?

Something's flying, but it sure ain't time

And damned if I even know why

I reach into my bag of tricks

And all I get is another papercut

I smear the droplet of blood on my finger

It's a wasted grain of metallic life

Sugar, spice, and everything nice…

Boy, have I got a damn sweet tooth

Because all this salt has

Filled my veins with red salt water

And it's left me feeling kinda bitter

Maybe enough chocolate will un-jade me?

And I want to stop and smell the roses

Won't you please bring me flowers?

And maybe you can be my valentine

I mean, who cares if it's not February?

It's just the principle of the matter

That matters to me

Who ever said chemistry was defined by

Electrons, Greek letters, and elemental movement?

All I know is that my charge repels you

Which makes me think that if

We're one and the same,

Then why are we so far apart?

I must seem crazy, talking in clichés

And I suppose that maybe I am

I know I'm not perfect, but I want to be

And the least I can strive for is perfection in your eyes

Doesn't that count for something?

Don't I count for anything?