A/N: This is basically a testament to my shyness and how I felt about my crush at a time when we didn't get to talk to each other very much. I ended up submitting this to my school's literary magazine, and I'm proud to say it made the cut and is featured on page five. :o)

"Just So"

I'm just a plain girl

And I suppose the light is on

Where it needs to be

But I don't shine so bright

In this stark winter midnight

I'm nothing compared to your lighthouse beacon

Shooting across the sky like an arrow

And your lightning bolt aura

Strikes me just so

I'll always stand at attention for you

You should know I feel you to the core

And you should know you stand above the crowds

But my words get lost in my throat

Because your lightning bolt smile

Strikes me just so

It's like halos and sunshine

Golden and almost fluorescent in and of itself

Suspended in wavelengths of invisible light and energy

That, it seems, only I discern as we walk towards each other

And make cordial eye contact

Don't you see?

Your lightning bolt gaze

Strikes me just so

I smile and say "Hi"

You smile and say "What's up?"

But we both keep going ahead,

And I wonder if I'm the only one that wants to turn back

I want to talk to you and connect again

Because your lightning bolt words

Strike me just so

Instead I sit and contemplate all

The feelings that run through me

And I compose them into words and letters

I can never tell you in fear of losing it all

So I'll just keep you as my muse in private

Because your lightning bolt existence

Strikes me just so