Ever watch those stupid reality shows like the Bachelor where this guy gets like 50 women who don't even know him to claim that they love him in less than one episode? I'll tell you one thing, those shows make me sick..though they are highly addictive.like smoking w/o the deadly side effects.

To me, dating has been a tough thing to start, go through, and keep going. Yeah, I admit, I have dated my fair share of boys for only being 16. 26 total, not including the times I've dated a few guys more than once. But hey, my first boyfriend was in preschool so the high numbers are at least slightly reasonable. So to say the least, I've been around.not in the sort of way some of you perverts might be thinking! Trust me, I'm a virgins virgin's virgin. Yes, three times your average virgin, and no, I am not a nun.

Ok, since that paragraph was TOTALLY off subject, I better get back to my point. *Ahem* Allow me to introduce myself! I am Malissa Jackson. In my own personal opinion, I'm you average, mediocre, teenage girl who can't keep her room clean and has no life because I'm writing all the time. Oh, and I am also the Queen of the Tree huggers, but that is an entirely different story.

You're probably wondering right now why the heck I am reading this. For those of you who said that, you're probably assuming I'm writing a fiction about two teenagers who fall in love then get hit by a car or die in some way. Again, for those people, READ THE TITLE. This "story" isn't a fiction at all, I live this life and the things I'm writing about are still happening at this point in time. Whether or not he (Jordan) and I are together at the end is as unclear to me as it is to you. Yes, I'll admit mine and his relationship might seem like its "Gushy" and what-not and I know they'll be those of you who will tell me it's just puppy love. But here's the way I see the situation; you have absolutely NO clue what I feel for him and I have no idea what you feel for your "other-half" if you have one. So, please do not say something in this relationship is or isn't.thank you.