For the first part of the week, to be perfectly honest, I felt quite weird. I mean, I've been pining over this guy for about 2 months now and.whoa, now I'm dating him. It doesn't feel like it's totally sank in, because sometimes.I do forget I'm dating him and get all upset. Don't you just love having the memory of a musk rat? Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't..I love it only because every now and then it helps me forget his mother's rules.

Friday was the first time he and I really talked since we had started dating that Tuesday night. I still felt a little weird knowing that he was finally mine, but I didn't really show it. I figured it'd bother him. But anyways, while we were walking to the dreaded morning band practice he began to "lay out" his mothers ridiculous rules. Over half the time I was laughing my ass off...let us begin!

A :) He is not allowed to kiss until he's 16
B :) He's not allowed to go on "single" dates..there either has
to be a third person or another couple
And they went on from there....

Now, ok, I understand she's a mother and all but..umm..why not throw him in a plastic bubble like they do his hamster Belle? Might as well considering those were only the first of the hundred rules she had.and trust me, they get sadder as they go on.

After fully controlling myself from laughing, my mind began to worry about the whole "kissing" rule. If you'd look at him you really wouldn't think he'd be the kind to wait to 16 too kiss..though, I think he got that impression from me. Geez, I'm like a freaking baby doll..I hate being goody goody sometimes..So, after working myself up to the question, I finally asked him,

"You follow your mom's kissing rule at all?" with a laugh. All he did was turn to me and smile before he gave his answer.

"Don't worry about it. She's had those rules for awhile now and I never listened to it when I had my other girlfriends."

Ok, make it sound like you're a damn pimp why don't ya! Wonder how many girlfriends he had before me.wonder what they were like. He probably had WAY more girlfriends than I did boyfriends. What's his longest relationship been? He doesn't seem like the guy who'd keep them around for awhile. These all are noted to be questions to ask after we've dated for a bit. All of them good questions to know..not like I'm asking him for his dental record or anything.

"I'll take your word for it then." I replied as we neared hell..oh geez, sorry! I meant the band field.

"How about you? You got any rules?"

.well that's a good question. I don't think my mom ever gave me rules about dating boys. Well, she probably did..but I most likely wasn't paying attention.

"Well, I know one would be don't have sex. But I add in French kissing too."

"Really? Why?" he asked with a quirky smile on his face.hehe, he's so cute!

"Can't stand it. Honestly, what's so great about sticking your tongue down someone's throat? I don't think people consider the fact that they don't REALLY know what has been in that mouth and that the other person has thrown up through there. Hate it, hate it, and hate it."

For a minute he just looked at me kind of confused. I'm probably the only girl he knows that doesn't like to French kiss.not just "doesn't", but doesn't like to. I wonder what he's thinking.all he's doing is nodding and has that look on his face that people get when they're thinking really hard about something. You know when there eyebrows...oh..geez never mind.

"Never thought about it that way before.when was the last time you French kissed someone?"

"Long time ago.I think in fifth grade. But, if you count what my boyfriend from my 8th grade summer and I did.I guess you could say then too."


Ok, I know! I'm square ok?! know if that's all you want out of a relationship then..

"That's ok though." He said as he casually bumped into me on purpose and walked to his spot on the field. 'That's ok'.well, but..he's the first guy I've dated that that never bothered. I think he has something up his this all going to be a cruel trick? I bet it is..he'll probably trick me into doing it...ah ha! Not as sneaky, sneaky as you thought you were, Jordan!

"Hey Lis, incase you haven't noticed, the rest of us are over here!" Brit yelled from almost clear across the muddy band field. I must have wandered off in my stasis of thought..considering I was now in the flute section. Bloody flutes.

For the entire first hour we headed out to the track and marched continually in circles, yes I was counting, 12 times. That being 3 miles...honestly, for all those who think band is for the "geeks" I'd like to see you march your butt around in continuous circles while holding a couple pound instrument and playing it. Then you have to throw in all the drill work. Yeah, I like to call it Saicronized Rugby sometimes..But don't get me wrong; with all this hard work we do tend to have a crap load of fun. For example, we like to sing the song "Hey Baby" over and over again while dancing...along with "Smoke on the Water", and the bands anthem, "Build Me Up, Buttercup".

As a daily routine, we were dismissed from the band field and our band being as deranged as we are, started playing "Hey, Baby" while others sang. Katie and I were walking together and laughing as the rest of the band broke out in song..and an ever so familiar voice chimed out above the rest. Let me tell wasn't pretty.

'Heyyyyyy.hey Malissa!
'I wanna know.if you'll be my girl

'Heyyyyyyy, hey Malissa!
'I wanna know.if you'll be my girl...

..I'll give you one guess as to who it was...

..guess yet? was Jordan.

Katie and I turned to each other and started dying laughing. I could already imagine that my face was as red as hers was just then. No guy, has ever..EVER sang to me before at all..and no guy..has EVER sang towards me, that bad. And he didn't care at all how he sounded, he was just walking up to me with his cymbals crashing every few beats and was singing so everyone heard him. He had the biggest smile on his face as did I. Lol, and he wasn't embarrassed at all.

"Hey, he's your boyfriend.not mine!" Katie laughed as he finally caught up to us and finally stopped singing. All three of us were laughing hysterically as were a few others walking near us.

"Yes..yes he is." I laughed back as I turned and smiled at him. As he smiled back I felt something. I don't know if it was a spark or what but I know it was something I had never felt before with anybody. Maybe this kid was different from all the rest of my thing's for sure, he's a lot stranger. But I think that's a good thing.I need someone stranger than me. And that is EXACTLY what he was..and cute.