Water Wonderland

Trischelle Candoonce waded in the water as floated as she looked up into the blue sky. She loved the water and she always felt alive when she was in it. Trischelle smiled and turned over to see Will Gates walking over to her.

"Hey Trischelle, I see you couldn't wait for me." Will said as he got into the ocean next to her.

"Well, hey what can I say, I could never keep away from the ocean. It's beautiful out here. I talked my mom into getting a pool and it should be coming soon. I can't wait!" Trischelle said as she put her head under the water and looked at the schools of fish. Trischelle was a hauntingly beautiful girl. She had unnatural bluish purple hair that came down to her hips. She had eyes that matched her hair and she was tall and elegant. Her hair was shiny and her voice is beautiful. She could sing and everyone would turn to listen. Will had a huge crush on her and he couldn't understand why. It was like he was drawn to her. Trischelle looked at him and smiled.

"What are you thinking?" Trischelle asked as she stared in his face and he did everything in his power not to kiss her. "Nothing. Just wondering why you always seem to be in love with the ocean." Trischelle just looked at him and sighed. She got up and went down further. She sailed into the water and swam as close to the bottom as she could. As she was gonna turn around she noticed movement and she looked and seen a guy. A really cute guy with nice hair. And then she noticed something flapping behind him. A Fin!!! He had a tail! A merman. Trischelle just stared at the boy until he came to her and touched her arm. She stared in awe as he kissed her cheek.

"You will come with us soon. Trischelle." The boy said. Trischelle stared at him and seen that his hair was the same color as hers. "Who are you?" Trischelle asked as she touched his face. "You'll know soon." And then he went away, swimming away from her and back to the darkness of the bottom of the ocean. "Wait!!" Trischelle yelled and took in too much water and she hurriedly swam to the surface to see Will staring at her with worry.

"You were down there too long. You scared the shit out of me don't ever do that!" Will said angrily at her. "I'm sorry. I.I think that I've seen a merman." Trischelle said as she looked up at him. Will went to her side and touched her head. "Maybe we should take you home. Lets go." Will said as he took her by the arm and walked her to her house.

Trischelle was deep in thought and wasn't really paying attention to Will. How did that mermaid or whatever he is know her name? And why did he say that I'll know soon? What does it mean?