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The next two weeks felt similar to the first months we spent together, blissful, yet with things still unspoken; that is, the future.

That is, until he burst into his hotel room one afternoon, whilst I was hanging with Justin.

"I've got some good news," he said, taking me in his arms. "Can you give us a second, Justin?"

I looked at him with a quizzical smile. "What is it?"

"I just got off the phone with the director of Golden Days."


"Something that's been in the works for a while is confirmed. I just wanted to be 100% sure until I told you. But we're making a Golden Days 2, given the success of the last one. It means I'll have to stay in Australia for a bit."

"How long.?"

"Oh, you know, about 6 months."

A slow smile spread over my face. "Well, I s'pose I could put up with you for a little while longer. And you know, I've been thinking. I always wanted to study overseas for a year when I went to uni.so I could do that, say, in England, the year after?"

I realized it was time for me to have to make an effort, too.

Caleb matched my grin. "Yeah, that could work. You know, if I'm not over you by then."


January 21st

So as you can tell, diary, things are going pretty damn well! I have Caleb, and now we have something certain in the future. So now I'm excited as to where we're going, as opposed to being apprehensive. Caleb's been amazing, as usual. Even Mum seems to have forgiven him for the pain he caused me in England.

Justin's gone back to England, which was actually a good thing in some ways. Not for Caleb, who misses him heaps. But for Amelia. She's still in love with Marc, but had some intense flirting happening with Justin. She'd had more than her fair share of Caleb's friends and relatives, I decided.

I suppose you could almost say things are normal again! I'm still loving my big break before uni starts in March,, and the unrestricted time I can spend with Caleb, before he starts filming next month.

But what we've had has never been easy, and I realize now I'm only just beginning to experience some things that I'm not sure I'll ever get used to.


Amelia burst into the garage that afternoon, whilst Caleb, Allie and I were all watching DVDs.

I raised my eyebrows. "Hey, Amelia. What's up?"

She looked somewhat speechless. I wasn't sure if I'd ever seen Amelia with nothing to say before, and was somewhat curious.

She looked like she was trying to say something, then sighed. "Miel? You're kinda standing in the way of the movie, and I can't see the gorgeous Orlando Bloom shoot orcs," Allie stated.

Amelia threw a magazine on the coffee table in front of me. Curiously, I leant forward, then froze halfway.

'New Weekly' had an entire page covered with photos of Caleb and I, with a small article down the bottom.

"Oh." Caleb said slowly, his hand closing over mine as I leant over to read the article:

'On a recent outing to Manly, English heartthrob Caleb Rosier was spotted with this mystery girl. Locals have reported that they have been spotted together frequently in that area for the past year. It seems there was a truth behind the rumours as to why Caleb was spending so much time in Australia. The question that's burning on all lips now is: whose the lucky girlfriend?'

I sat back on the couch, running my fingers through my hair in agitation. Even Allie was silent.

"Babe." Caleb began, as Allie and Amelia tactfully left. He looked at me pleadingly.

"It's not that bad, is it?"

"I didn't want this," I replied in a small voice. "Be honest with me, how bad will it get?"

He sighed. "Honestly? They'll know your name in no time. Then you'll get some attention, from the media and people in the streets. I can't promise it'll be all positive. I'm sorry. B. I didn't want you dragged into this."

I didn't want to be dragged into it, either.

But then I noticed Caleb's expression, and I felt a pang of guilt. I was being selfish. It wasn't his fault, but he blamed himself. Besides. He faced much worse.

"It's not that bad, is it? Can you deal with it, for me?"

A reluctant grin tugged at my mouth. "They called me your girlfriend."

"You are my girlfriend."

I was silent for a moment. "What's your point?"

He chuckled. "That I'm glad everyone finally knows."

He kissed me sweetly, emptying my mind of everything but him. And I realized, that with him by my side, I could deal with anything.

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