Overall today's society is better than it was forty years ago minorities are considered equal to the white man and women have endless opportunities. Of course there are your outcasts - racists like the KKK, and women abusers. If Martin Luther King Jr. was alive today, he probably would be overall happy with the improvement. Still this world could be a lot better than it is because think of all the violence and corruption in that is still in this world. This world may be better than it was a hundred years ago, but it still does not meet satisfaction.

Recently on the news there was this couple that chained there three year old foster son to a bed. Their defense, "We chained he up so he wouldn't take food from the refrigerator." That's a very poor and weak excuse, and what about all these other cases of child abuse and child endangerment suck as the lady who killed her children by drowning them individually. Her lawyers tried to argue that she was mental insane. Yeah, something had to be wrong in her head for her to do something horrific as that, and the jury found her guilty of first-degree murder.

There is much more out there than just child abuse. There are also person flying planes into buildings because their leader told them to and because in was their destiny. People can worship and believe in whatever they want too, but when it is hurting other people than that is a problem. Go kill yourselves, but don't kill other people also. Not just with flying planes into buildings but also with these suicide bombers. Of course there are terrorism that don't harm themselves but do harm others. The Oklahoma City bombing is an example. He didn't blow himself up with them building.

Abuse, murder..how about rapes and other sexually crimes. Women get raped and sexually assaulted every single day. People they trusted most are molesting children, not just mama and papa but priest also. They are the least expected to do such a crime, but God's workers are doing such crimes. Victims of these crimes are scared for life as with anything other crime - seeing grandma get shot or brother died because a terrorism blew him up with a bomb. Of course there is the good old racism, and it is still a lot of racism today in the world. Hate crimes against people are still being committed, and whites are still calling blacks niggers. It is not as vast as it was fifty years ago, but it still happens. Take this for example - a few years ago these two white men took this black man, chained him to the back of a truck, and dragged him until pieces of his body fell off. Why do they do that? Simple.because they were racist! Not just racist's hate crimes are being commit because gays are also being attacked for who they are. It's a sad world that people live in.

Martin Luther King may be somewhat happy in what he put his time and effort to build in he were alive today. It did help, and laws were passed to prevent someone from hiring you just because you're black, Hispanic, and oh yes, even white. It has been thanked time and time again for his efforts, but it is time to move on and continuing improving the world. There is still a lot of hate, violence, and evil in the world. True, no one is perfect, but people should strive to improve themselves and the world the live in. This world is not the best it can be and if people work together this world can be a better place for everyone.