Aliens By Davido Martino (The name is not a typo!)


What Do You Think?

I Think They Exist.

They Have Visited Our Planet.

Are You Crazy??

No!! Be Quiet And Let Me Finish!

Come On, Look At The Facts. OK, The One In The 60's Or 70's Was Not One Because It Was A Weather Balloon And Everyone Was Freaking Out.

But In 1974 And Australian Film Crew On A Helicopter Actually Had A Close Encounter!

Aye Right. (I'm Scottish!)

No, Seriously!! I Believe It.

So E.T. Came Along And Flew Beside Them??

Yes! But The Part That Makes It Sound Odd Is When They Got Abducted. I Don't Believe That!

So, Do You Actually Believe In Aliens From Another World?


That Was A Waste Of Time I Know, But It Just Gets The Juices Flowing. It's The First Thing I've Posted On The Web, And I Hope There Will Be Lots More.


And Check Our Lyria Shard's Writing, Will You? It's Excellent!