Iraq – The War of Millions

Darkness fell as tension reigned,

The moon's the only light.

The bombs lit up like fireworks,

Fear began this fight.

His palace was fired on heavily,

It's splendour turned to dust.

The fires ripped throughout the city,

In reflection of his bloodlust.

The soldiers stormed through the vital port of Umm Quasar,

The fight that ensued was bloody.

The Britons however were not without loss,

Their memories would always be muddy.

Tragedy strikes the liberators forces,

Several brave soldiers have fought to their deaths.

Though their families can be consoled with the thought,

They were heroes till their very last breaths.

The city of death has been taken,

It was Basra's turn to fall.

Now march on to Baghdad!

Basra has set rolling the ball.

The official battling is nearing its end,

And our hearts are beating faster.

Fear is coursing through our minds,

As our soldier prepare to conquer the master.

The cheers arise,

The statue is toppled.

The freed Iraqis pray,

That Saddam is throttled.

Alas, our war is not over,

For new struggles there are to face.

Iraqis protest as disorder breaks out,

While the parliament's forming its base.                                       


1 – 6/5/03 (I wrote it over those days, it was quite tricky for me)