By the moon, by the sun, When the Elementals become one,

On the cliffs of the barren Alaskan winter, the stars stretch out seeming to run through no boundaries. The black and blue sky a gray rimmed and faded at the frontiers. A single girl sits on the cliff. She wears a hooded gray cloak and her eyes are the most mysterious shade of gray. She has a face round as the moon and raven black hair. Her gray orbs looking to the limitless heavens of the night. Her name, is Artemis. "Artemis! You loser! Get inside!" it was Apollo, her twin brother. He also had raven black hair but he had bright hazel eyes with gold flecks inside. Apollo, the younger of the two, was born in the morning. Artemis was born at night. Their family was on vacation in Anchorage, Alaska. They were originally from Vancouver in Canada, but moved to Juneau. After walking an hour, they reached the hotel in the city. Outside of the small building they were staying in, was an old lady with vivid, dancing sapphire eyes. She was homeless and had nothing but a parka, bits of clothes, a cloak and a poncho to keep her warm. She had no food or shelter. "Here," Artemis and Apollo handed over their old coats and gave her two apples. She smiled with a quaint twinkle in her eyes. When the twins walked in and looked back, she was gone. They entered the hotel lobby. Lit with dim lights and a plump teenage secretary, it wasn't the best hotel Anchorage had to offer, but it was enough to live with.