wilted, broken

sunken, choking

on the taste of our last kiss

the sourness is overwhelming

but the smell was still so sweet

and i hate myself for loving you

for believing every word you say is true

the longingness, the complex pain

the disease i've caught, i'm now insane

if hope was paper i could hold in my hand

i'd rip it, i'd burn it, i'd grind it to sand

but hope is a fire, a widespread flame

and the fuel to the fire's the sound of your name

my heart can't stop beating, i can't catch my breath

your eyes hypnotize me and will till my death

when i'm soaking in ashes covered with dew

and in my mind everything is nothing but you

the same damn dream that's only your face

a mysterious expression i can't seem to place

you stole my heart, much more than a kiss

your arms are a safe haven i'll always miss

the curious smile you're leaving behind

the lingering thought that i'm crossing your mind

every piece of you that i treasure like gold

this is my one last chance to unfold