The Lone Soldier
By Aria1400

*Author's notes* I felt like writing a big sci-fi what did I do? I just sat down and started to type...I have no idea what this is going to turn into.....but I hope it's something good! ^_^ Also, sorry for any spelling or grammar errors, this program doesn't have a spell check!


The world floated by her small window. She touched the cool glass, stroking it with her finger tips. She wanted so much to go back. See her mother and father again. Even her twin brother.

She gazed down upon her green and brown world. She had always thought it was an ugly planet, but from this view, it was beautiful. She wanted nothing more than to set foot on it's moist soil once again. A tear rolled down her cheek.

A clang made her spin around and stare at the newcomer. The man glared at her through forest green eyes. She quickly turned away from him and brushed away the tear.

"So, we finally caught up with you, didn't we," said the man. She ignored him. He was nothing. His voice was merely another peep in the vast of noises surrounding her. She paid no attention to him.

"Don't ignore me, Gloria. It will get you no where. I don't get intimidated by school girls. Even you...what is it they called you? Gloria the Great? Something like that?" Gloria continued to stay silent. His voice was cold. He articulated so well it was enough to drive someone mad. But not Gloria. She would not be challenged by the likes of this.

"Fine then. You don't speak to me. I can deal with that. But you certainly won't get your rations. And I know how much you adore them." Gloria clenched her jaw. She needed to survive long enough to help her family and her planet. She wasn't going to do that by starving herself for dignity. She turned to the man. Narrowing her eyes she spoke icily.

"Normally, I would say that I didn't care about rations or torture or any other type of labor you lay upon my head. But unlike you, I'm not a coward and a scowndrel. I will do what is right for my world." The man's face reddened at the insult, but then he smirked.

"I knew I could break you. Here. Have a nice dinner. You'll need it to build up your strengh for tomorrow morning's interigation. See you then, Gloria the Great." With that he set the tray of stinking mush down on the dank floor and walked out of her cell, closing the gate behind him.

Gloria stood and watched him go before reaching for the tray. She sat down on the single bench in the cell and silently ate her food. She had almost weakened. Could she stand the interigation in the morning? Doubt was seeping into her thoughts. After finishing off the last little bit of her supper she pushed the tray away and lay back on her bunk. What would ever happen to her?


(2 years later)

Stan walked down the ship's corridor. He was nearly bursting with excitement. He had a bounce to his step even. They would be leaving today. The dispute over the worlds had finally come to an end. He was to greet the general of the Cralione Force. Say final goodbyes and such. He was just happy to get it over with.

He stopped at the airlift and waited patiently. A small beep came from it and the door hissed open. A man with white hair and a serious wrinkled face emerged. He wore the uniform of the Craliones. It was a black and red suit with intricate patterns on the shoulders. The most obvious pattern was shaped as a spider. The usual Cralione seal. Stan stood up straight and nodded curtly to the man.

"Good day, General Serenis!" he said as enthusiastically as he could muster. The Generel looked at him solemnly.

"I suppose, Mr. Nosragard. Shall we move along?" Stan sighed and nodded, desperately trying not to show his annoyance and disapproval with the man. The general led the way down an old and dusty hall. It obviously wasn't used much anymore. The two men walked in silence, and just the clanking of their boots hitting the hard floor echoed around them. They came to a catwalk. Stan felt a shiver up his spine as he leaned over the railing to look below.

"Criky!" he gasped as he gazed upon many alloy containers. They filled the level below. Each one was long and rectangular. And each had a large face imprinted on top of them. The faces were of people who fought in the war. Each one was smiling. Those were their final resting places. Coffins, if you wanted to use the old term. Stan seriously doubted any of them would be smiling now. He frowned down upon the faces of his people. The warriors who defended him and his family...well, all except his sister. She had been sent off to become a fighter herself. When she was only 16. She'd be 18 now, just like him. He quickly scanned the containers for her face, but didn't find it.

"Mr. Nosragard! Are you coming or not?" Stan snapped back to attention and fell in step with Serenis once again.

"Sorry, sir. I was checking the coffins for my sister. She fought, you know." The general nodded curtly.

"Yes, she did." Stan peered at the back of Serenis's head. How would the general know his sister? Had they ever met before? Fought before? Stan shook his head. No. His sister was captured only a month after she started service. She had made quite a name for herself in that short period of time though. She was top in everything: fighting, recon, accuracy, communications, stealth missions, undercover... But once she had been captured, they never heard from her again. Intelligence eventually reported of her immediate execution.

The two of them continued their walk. They reached a second air lift and rode it up 5 levels. The General led Stan onto the bridge of the station. Stan looked around. He had thought it was going to be more exciting, but it looked a lot like any bridge he had seen before. Serenis turned to him.

"Well, this is it, Mr. Nosragard. It is time for us to leave this system." Stan nodded.

"Yes, General. I speak for the entire world of Horow when I say that we bid you farewell and we hope you have a safe journey home." Serenis sluted and Stan saluted back.

"The Cralione Force wishes you and your people well," said Serenis. With that they exchanged parting gifts and Serenis went back to his work. He gave Stan and escort for his departure of the Cralione station.

They exited the bridge and continued to the hangar. Again they walked over the mass of coffins. Stan clenched his jaw. He hated his job, but someone had to do it, and he was the only one with authority who would actually take the job.

The escort started punching in the code to open the hanger doors. Stan was looking around at the symbols printed everywhere. The spiders were starting to creep him out. Then, from the shadows came a speeding foot. It smacked the escort's head and he crumpled to the floor. Stan yelped and stepped back. A figure came into view.

It was a young women. She wore a tight Cralione uniform. She had light skin and dark blue eyes. Her brown hair was pulled up into a high pontail. She looked like many other women of the Cralione Force, except that she wore large black boots and a loose artillery belt around her hips. She glanced at the fallen man, then turned her gaze upon Stan. He stepped back.

"Please, don't hurt me!" The women narrowed her eyes at him. Suddenly, there was a huge explosion from inside the hangar bay. There was a ton of yelling and screams echoed through the station. The women looked down the hall at the troops that rushed toward them and grabbed Stan's arm.


"Shut-up," she snapped. "Stay back here and out of sight!" She pushed into a dark corner. He expected her to take out the large guns trapped to her belt, but instead she started to press the control panel on the hangar bay doors. The troops came up from behind her. To Stan's surprise the lead one saluted. The women yurned around.

"Major G.G.! What happened?!" asked the lead soldier. The women glared at the man.

"I don't know! There was an explosion in the hangar! The control panel isn't working. Get this door OPEN!!!" she yelled at the man. The man nodded and started working furiously.

"Think it could have been sabotage, Major?" asked another troop. G.G. glared at him.

"By who?"

"Why, the Horow ambassodor, of course!" G.G. grabbed the troop's shoulder, aggresively.

"Why would he do that, huh?! So he can never go home?! Be with his family and friends?! So he'd have to spend even more time here?! I'm SURE he'd absolutely LOVE that!" she yelled.

"I...I'm sorry! You're right! It was stupid of me to think it was him." She let go and nodded.

"Yes, it was stupid of you." She turned to the troop at the door. "Any luck?"

"No, ma'am. We'll have to go in another way."

"Then go! You're wasting time!" The man nodded and they all ran off. The women, who Stan figured out was called Major G.G., walked back over to him. She grabbed him and pulled him to his feet. "Come on!"