Marie's POV

            ~It's been a week since Matt was absent. Principal Wilkins didn't have the explanation of his absence. And there was surge of security in Matt's mansion. No one was allowed to go, except for trucks carrying supplies to the mansion. I must go there. I want to see him ,to feel him. I want to clutch close to him and hear him mutter sweet words as I pretend to be sleeping. Heaven will surely be damned if I don't see him right now. Somewhat my day seemed so….bad without him around me…and his words ringing so sweetly in my ears.~

"Ms. Marie, you have a visitor in the office. Please report immediately" the announcer said the echoed around the corridors. After I asked permission from Ms. Rosemary, I ran quickly. I'm not expecting Matt to come, but at least a messenger, carrying to me his love.

"Ah, Ms. Marie, come in" Mr. Wilkins happily welcomed me inside the office.

"Wait here. Ah, Mr…." I didn't exactly heard what was the name of my visitor, but I was certain, it's from Matt.

"You can enter now, Ms. Marie. The visitor wishes to have a private conversation with you" Mr. Wilkins said.

"Yes" I replied and enter the room. And there emerged a boy. He was wearing a pair of glasses, revealing his seemingly all-so mysterious green eyes. And the strangest thing, his hair seemed to have been crafted in a jewelry shop. This guy looks like trouble.

"Ah, Ms. Marie?" he said to me.

Normal POV

"Matt, here's your food" my mother said outside my room. A conscious mom huh? Stupid. It's not good for a person be concerned to another who was already dying. Dying…yes…I am dying…my dying identity,,,,

"Matt….please come out of there…." she muttered as I heard a thud I my door.

"Leave me alone now…" I muttered back. I don't need care. I don't need love. I only need myself.

At last there was no more sound. My hairs blows so softly in the fine afternoon air around Center. But here I am, in this dark room, looking aimlessly in the sky. No matter how good the day is, I can't help to be sorrowful. I didn't want any contacts so I restricted security. I predicted my parents were to resist, but took no objections to my will. I'm not in the level of understanding to why they didn't object, but it certainly annoys me.

Marie POV

"Who are you?" I asked as I sat down. Trouble he might seem, I couldn't help trusting him.

"I'm Christian. Nice to meet you" he replied, and smiled as he gave out his hand.

I silently shaked his hand.

"How did you know me…did we met?" I asked.

"No, but I am certain we met here by fate, don't you think?" he said. I didn't know what he was talking about, but in a way or whatever is what I'm feeling, is words seemed assuring.

"Did…Matt sent you?" I asked.

"No. Actually, I was sent here…to kill him" he said in an evil grin.

"No way!"

"I'm joking you know" he said and laughed.

"You scared the hell out of me! I don't want anyone trying to kill Matt" I said as I was about to cry.

"I'm here to bring you to him" he said.

"Eh? Bring me to him? So you were sent by Matt!" I said excitedly.

"No…not exactly. But I also need to go there…and talk to him" he said.

"When will you take me there?" I asked.

"Tonight. Be there, 8:00 in the evening. Don't be late" he said.

"Ok. here's my number…" I said as I reached into my purse. But by the time I looked back at him, he wasn't there.

Andrew POV

"Andrew, we have to talk" Belle said to me as she emerged from the shadow. She looked sad. I knew perfectly well why.

"What is it? Matt?" I confirmed.

"Yeah. It's been a week…..since he came to his original, seemed-lifeless, isolated self" she said.

"Did you talk to him?" I asked.

"Yeah. But it doesn't work" Belle said "Why don't you invoke him to fight?"

"It will be of no use. Remember that his isolation made him more rigid, more structured, more disciplined than us combined. He won't fall for such invocation" I replied.

"Michael and I talked…about him…." she said to. She showed a clear sign of hesitation.

"What about our son?" I asked.

Flashback -a day earlier-

"What occurrence is that?" Belle asked.

"In the Auric Storm, it can create a hole to the past. It's access to time periods allows the Auric storm to overlap two time points, which means, if an event in the past ever cross the present, alternate personalities may occur. Not only that, Auric storms warn people about this intuition through their dreams. It tells them that they have another life in the past, that they're going to overlap each other" Michael said.

"So…what will happen?" Belle asked.

"The person in the present will be confused, having memories of its past self. In turn, the person's mental function begins to fade, and eventually, the person kills himself…" Michael replied in a sad tone.

"So you mean….this Matt…and my Matt…can…" Belle said in broken words. It was too horrible to imagine.

"Yes, if their existence only co-exist with only one life, they will overlap" Michael said.

End Flashback

"Overlapping personalities…." Andrew muttered.

"I'm afraid Andrew…I'm afraid" Belle couldn't take anymore and hugged her husband tightly. She was too shocked…and hurt at the same time. All she needed right now was her husband.

"Don't…..our Matt will go through this"…he will….or I'll kill him myself" I said.

"I hope so…" Belle said ever tight hugging me.

Marie's house

Marie's POV

"Mom, I'll be out late okay!" I yelled as I got out. And in front of my gate, was Christian, and a girl was beside him.

"Who's she?" I asked.

"She's my….assistant, Misty" Christian said.

"Nice to meet you" I said cheerily.

"Nice to work with you" she said in a cold voice.

"Well, ladies, shall we?" Christian said.

"It's heavily guarded alright" Misty said as she looked in the front gate. It was guarded by men in black and Robots, armed with lasers and missiles.

"And not to mention the whole house" Christian added, showing me a huge force field aura around the mansion.

"So, how do we go in?" I asked.

"I already implanted one of these" Christian said, showing me a  black bug-like object that fitted in my hand "This is an auric breaker. Breaks an aura for a few seconds, enough for us to teleport inside.

"And just in case they found out, I can hack their power and fry it out for a while" Misty said.

"Okay, dress up" Christian said.

I was wearing a silver cat suit, with some parts marked black. Christian and Misty also wore cat suits but made of leather.

"Okay, go" he said. And with Auric speed we reached the point in no time, having managed to be undetected by auric sensors around the mansion.

Wearing our Auric goggles, we scanned a perfect sphere around the mansion complex. When Christian activated the Auric breaker, there was a perfect hole, big enough for a person to come in.

"Hurry! We've only got 40 seconds!" Christian said as he allowed us to go first.

"Whew! That was easier….than I thought it would be" I said, getting relieved as we have entered the mansion's immense lawn. The moon was hazy, perfect scene for a stake out

"Too easy…." Christian remarked. Somehow he couldn't help being cautious.

"As if….someone wants us to go here….waiting for us…" Misty said.

"Let's go!" Christian said as we ran higher into the hill, towards the mansion "I can't wait to meet this Matt Mira"

"Why?" I asked.

"I have my intentions" he replied.

Normal POV

"Matt, are you still awake?" my mother said as I heard a creak into my door.

"Leave me alone" I said, wiping off the tears that I've been trying to stop, but didn't.

She silently puts pressure in my bed as she softly caressed my hair for a while. How soft her hands were.

"Tell me Matt…..what has been troubling you? You've been so isolated for a week now you know…" she said.

"I said leave me alone. Be gone" I coldly said.

"I'm not a spirit you can just shoo away. I'm a very persistent person" she said.

"Persistence makes people weak. I expected you will like quick result. here's one: Leave me be!" I said in a firmer tone.

But instead of leaving, she lifted the top half of my body using her aura. She laid her lap into my pillows, and broke the aura. I was now at her lap, and her looking at me with much concern.

"Now we can talk. Tell me what's bothering you" she said smilingly. To confess it, I've always liked her smile. The smile that made me go on to life, even in isolation. It's like living-on-a-rose kind of moment. Still, I didn't budge. I don't want her concerned of me. I want her to be free, no, me to be free from her grasp. She had done…so much already.

"I don't want" I said.

"Hay, Matt……you are still a child after all…." she said.

"I'm not…." I said.

"See, you're denying it…..but even so, you are a child. Your feelings are still brittle and fragile. Your beliefs…everything you hold to seemed unstable and uncertain. And to me, you are still a child" she said to me as he hugged me even closer to her. she has the intoxicating smell of vanilla and strawberry, unlike Marie's rose, who seemed just ordinary air compared to her scent.

"No…I'm not!" I said. But still, her concern made me soft for a while. My isolation….my identity crisis…all of these I want to blame to her. But it's no use. I can't blame her. She's been there when I was young, soaked in the rain, or when I tried to kill myself, she was there. She was always there. My eyes were already filling with tears. I had so much to regret….I have so much to hate….and at last, I broke into a loud sobs. My clenched fist hit my mother's lap. I couldn't stop it. I want to spill it all out. I want all of it disappear. And when I looked at her, she was there, smiling more than ever, and I cried even more. I knew she was there for me. And in that moment, at least, I had feelings in my heart.

Marie's POV

With a soft creak we managed to get inside the mansion doors with no resistance at all. There was far less security than we thought, and maybe, the heavy security thing was only a fake. The corridors were well-lit, revealing an array of magnificent paintings and statues.

"Where's Matt's bedroom?" Christian asked me.

"2nd floor" I replied.

"Okay. Let's go. I'm feeling two powerful auras are emerging here. They must be source of the Auric force field" Christian said.

"Hey, Auric force fields are only produced by generators right?" I said.

"They can. But it'd be more powerful if a person would do it" he replied.

Belle POV

"Someone has entered the house dear" I said as I slowly put Matt out of my lap. He was already smiling, there were no tears. Goodnight, my child.

"Yeah, I've been feeling that too? Do you think it's Marie?" Andrew said as he emerged from the shadow.

"Yeah. But…she ahs companions too" I replied.

"And their auras are a bit different too…." Andrew replied.

"Too different….it's Assassin aura" I said. But why did Marie bought two assassins with her?

"How about we just meet them. They'll be here in….5 minutes and 10 seconds" Andrew said as he looked at his watch.

"Yeah" I said as I drew out my sword. Andrew drew also his sword too.

Marie POV

We climbed up with haste to the stairs that leads to the second floor. I was going to meet Matt. Then as we ran in the corridors, two figures emerged in the darkness. It was Matt's parents!

"Mrs. Mira…Mr. Mira!" I said nervously.

"Ah, so the security wasn't too good huh dear?" Mrs. Mira said in a happy tone.

"Who are these people?" Christian asked.

"Matt's parents" I replied.

"I feel….they are very powerful" Christian said, pointing out two sword that they held. Why were they holding weapons. Were they expecting us?

"Marie…..you could pass us now" Mrs. Mira said.


"Ms. Marie, our son is in his room sleeping. You can go to him now" Mr. Mira said.

"What about….them?" I said, pointing to my companions "Christian and Misty wants to see Matt too"

"I'm afraid they will not pass" Mrs. Mira said.

"Why not?"

"They are strangers"

"But I already introduced them to you!" I said.

"Go now Marie" Misty said as she tapped my shoulder.

"Yeah. That's why you came with us right? We'll just stop here to talk to is parents. I'' just have to…know his parents a little bit" Christian said.

"Me, of course, is always with him wherever he goes. We're like juice and water" Misty said.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Yeah. Go" Christian replied. I walked past them, and Matt's parents. I want to see Matt, but I couldn't help be concerned with Christian and Misty.

Christian POV

Me and Misty drew out our guns as Marie disappeared into the darkness of the corridors.

"Ah….Assassins….well…." the woman, Matt's mother said in a calm happy tone. But I knew it was a mask. It was a mask that was too dangerous to remove.

"Dear…I'm going to stir up some coffee so can you entertain our guests for a while?" Matt's father said. What did he mean by 'entertain'? Are they underestimating our powers?

"Sure darling" Mrs. Mira said and turned to us "Shall we?"

"You better  watch you smile, Auntie, but don't underestimate our power" I said as I was ready to shoot when…

"Chris, look at that!" Misty said, pointing to me Mrs. Mira's weapon. The Chronostorus, the time sword!

"But….how….I know only one existed" I muttered. The time sword was one of the legendary weapons of the Twin World's war. Come to think of it, her husband was also carrying a sword. Which means…..

"Don't tell me you're….Belle and your husband is…Andrew. You're one of the Legendary warriors of the Twin world's war!" I exclaimed. I couldn't be mistaken.

"Ping pong!" she replied "And I assume that you must be Christian Davis and Misty Skyler….the top 1 and 2 of HEV's Assassins…"

"It seem you know us very well" I said.

"You've been sent here by your commander to observe my son, right?" Mrs. Mira asked.

"Yes. It seems to me…that your son pose some kind of threat…" I replied.

"You're right" she replied, and backed away "Follow me. I don't want Marie and Matt be disturbed by our talk here"

"I'm sure….we can negotiate things around here…"

Marie POV

I slowly opened the door as I finally reached Matt's room. A fireplace was burning fiercely as I felt the warmth of the room. And with a glimpse, I saw Matt, his knees covering his face. He seemed lonely.

"Matt…." I said as my voice echoed on the room. I then saw Matt looking at me with his cold, emotionless eyes.

"Marie…what are you doing here?" he asked, with warmth finally going to his voice. But he didn't budge at his position.

"Is that all….you can say?" I said as I felt tears going down to my eyes. How could he just say that, when, I was so worried about him for the past week? doesn't he miss me at all?

"I'm sorry Marie. But….I feel so isolated you know. Those dream shit were hunting me again…" he replied in a sad voice. For all I have known, he's been alone his whole life. He can't give his heart to anyone. It must be hard for him to leave his old self.

"You know, Ms. Rosemary has been worried sick about you" I said.

His face brightened a bit and said "She did?".

"Yeah. But the person who worried most about you…is me…" I said as I laid myself to him. How warm he felt against my body, and that what kept me worrying about him, losing his warmth,, losing him.

"What can I do to make it up to you?" he asked me with his stern, innocent eyes.

I smirked, thinking that this would be the opportunity to seduce him finally "We could…make up"

"No…not that again. I told you, I don't want to do that" he said.

"But I really want to do it! My friend said if you do it with someone you love, it's really great, you know what I mean?" I said as I kissed him. As usual, his lips were soft and sweet.

"I know, I know, but….well…" he said, trying to make an excuse out of it. I smiled seductively. I know that he has no definite reason to make love to me. I expected him to be easy, being a guy, to be easily seduced. But he was a bit different. He knew how to control his emotions. But now that he's block, I pulled him to mine and kissed him that seemed to last an eternity.

"I don't want you to speak. I love you and I want you, badly. Try to resist and I'll hate you" I said as I heard him sigh, which means he had totally give up on resisting.

Belle POV

"So, HEV is turning a new leaf huh?" I said as I served Christian and Misty some tea. I knew something was going on Earth recently. HEV, Heavenly Entity Verdict, is an organization devoted on the security of the Twin planets, performing and researching Auric arts, and most of all, training Assassins, people who are trained for the sole purpose of killing and maintaining peace.

"Yes. HEV is now an economic organization, focusing mainly for monopoly of products around the Twin planets" Misty replied.

"So, the killing thing was eradicated?" I asked.

"No. HEV still trains Assassins for security purposes, like us. HEV hasn't give up on maintaining peace" Christian said.

"But I heard your superior, Marcus Del Alexander, was a former superior of Apocalypso" I said.

"Yes, he was a former member. But it seems he turned to the good side. He wishes goodwill, unlike the Apocalypso's purpose" Christian said.

"You shouldn't take Marcus lightly you know. We met him in the Twin Planet's War. Smart and agile, he was one of our most formidable opponent" Andrew interjected.

"You battled our superior? Wow!" Misty said amazingly.

"you better believe it" I exclaimed.

Normal POV

"If you were more beautiful, I'd say you would be a goddess" I said as I laid her down to bed. Her brown chocolate eyes looked at me so gleefully.

"What am I right now then?" she asked me, grinning.

"An angel. A very seductive angel that is" I answered quickly as I moved down to kiss her neck.

"My, you're good at making me turned on. You'll pay for making me so….oh…" she said as she stopped speaking as I nibbled her ear.

"I won't make you speak clearly, so be ready" I said as got into this making-love thing. She smiled weakly and said "I'm still speaking well"

"You won't, after we end this….." I smirked as we explored our first dream together.