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Personally, I don't think I would've been an officer, I'd probably chosen to be a maid in Cleina, Sector 23. However, life does not go in the way you want it to go, and I'm, obviously, no exception. My name is Ami, and I have no last name, because I don't know who my parents are. I was an orphan in Dellamui, Sector 44, and those are my earliest memories, even though I recall a woman humming a song, but that memory too, is slowly fading away. I try to hold steadfast to that memory, that woman humming a song, that just seemed to be meant for me only.

Right now, I think I'm going to die out of bordem. Why? Because of my instructor, who just happens to have the lowest voice in the whole school, not to mention the fact that all we learn is stupid history, that we barely have. He can get pretty scary when he yells, though he rarely does that. I'm a good enough student, making B's, and C's, but not A's. That grade is for Melissa, my best friend, who also happens to be my worst rival, she can be a back-stabber if you provoke her. Then again, she's a back-stabber either way, and a big mouth to boot. I make sure to stay silent when she's pestering me for my *dark* secrets. However, I end up telling her anyway, because she's a manipulator, and a damn good one at that.

She's right over in the front, near the classroom door, writing her class notes, which actually aren't. They are notes to her boyfriends. Notice my the plural on it? Yeah, she has six boyfriends, and each of them think they're her 'one and only'. Did I forget to mention that she not only has brains, but has beauty too? She's the type you would call: dangerously beautiful. Everyone thinks she's so nice, she can be, but she's not, she's just a rich, spoiled girl, who just so happens to be a ex-virgin. It doesn't say it on her papers though, her father pays the doctors, so that they keep their fingers still, and their mouths shut.

I bet you think I'm cynical, don't you? I'm not, just a little bitter about how my life is so full of hardships, while she can just pass through life with just a snap of her perfect, slim fingers. I live in an apartment, she lives in a mansion in Sector 12, which is where rich people live, and where there is sunshine, as well as greenery! One time she told me how annoying it was that it was so bright where she lived, and I wanted to tell her that she should apprecitate the things she has more. I'd do anything to even see a tiny ray of sunlight, as well as even a little greenery.

You know what they do? One time when I was twelve- Oh, I didn't mention my age, did I? Well, I'm seventeen now. Anyways, when I was twelve, I spotted a tiny patch of grass in a ruined church, I was so ecstatic, that I told anybody I saw. I look back on it now, and I realize that I should have known the ways of people where I live. The next day, I went to check on the little patch, and found to my child-like horror, that they'd burn the, already wrecked, church down. I had cried, tried to pick the pieces of wood up, in hopes that underneath there'd still be some greenery left. It had started raining that day. I love colors, there so vivid, and could elicit emotions in you for each specific one.

Every low-life sector, like mine, has a stupid law that states that only white, and black should be worn, and seen. That's kind of difficult for me. I know what you're thinking: 'how come you're in a school with rich people?' Well, here's your answer: I, Ami with no last name, had been chosen specially by the Military Academy, why? I really don't know. But I met Melissa on my first day at the school, she immediately stated, in front of everyone, that I was to be her friend, and her friend only. I was thirteen then. It has been a little rough for me, since whenever she's hanging around her other friends, leaving me all alone, she has one of her bodyguards following me around. No, it's not to protect me, I know that now, he/she is used to follow me, because Melissa wants to have no one around me.

I don't even know why she chose me as her 'special' friend, as she so calls it. I haven't had anyone comment about my looks before, not that they noticed me, so I don't know if I'm pretty, or not. Maybe it's because of my unique hair color? Its not dyed at all! I have the color of the ocean as my hair color, or so she tells me. I have never seen the ocean, or the sky, nothing, except for that one cherished memory of the patch of fresh, green grass. My eye-color is stormy grey (This is something she told me too.), and my eyes can turn different shades of that color, depending on my mood.

You want to know something really interesting about me? My record shows that I wasn't even born in this capital, but outside, where there's wonders piled on wonders! Someday, I'm getting out of here, even to catch a little glimpse of something. No one has ever done it though, at least not people like me, rich people can travel outside the capital though.

"Miss Ami!!"

I jump out of my seat, literally, and I look over, absentmindly, at Melissa, and seen her shake her head. I sit back down, my long, blue hair cascading down my back as I did so. When I become an official officer, I would have to get it cut, pixie style. Mr. Jaroth was glaring down at me all the while, his nostrils flaring. What now? I always space out in this class, and he never bothered me before.

"I asked you a question!" Oh, so that's why. I brush a few strands of hair back,

"Oh? What's the question?" I'm not supposed to act so nonchalant, I might get sent to the principal. He cuffs me at the back of my head, harshly, and I wince, tears stinging my eyes. Teachers are allowed to do this nowadays.

"OFFICE!" He screams in my face, finger pointing towards the door, shaking. By now, I think I'm shaking, and I know fully well that my face is pale, and that my eyes are as wide as saucers. I grab my stuff, and scramble shakingly out the door. Now, they punish you when you go to the office, and I mean punish. Not the type of punish that they used to give you back then 1,000 years ago, but an actual painful torture. I've never had one myself, since I am, like I said, a good student.

See? This is exactly why I don't want to be an officer! I'm barely eighteen, and they beat the living shit out of you for thinking for yourself. I was just asking a question! A simple question, that was asking him what he had asked me. This is what I get for spacing out, but I think that they shouldn't be so cruel to us. I feel badly for the little squirts that are only four, and such, who are innocent as hell. Yes, they beat you for being yourself too. I recall a little cute boy, who looked about six, who simply asked the teacher where the bathroom was. You know what that teacher did? She smacked the boy really hard in the face, and screamed at him, calling him stupid. They expect too much from us here. The bathrooms are really hard to find in this academy, its like a maze, a big giant maze with over fourty stories.

I see the transporter that goes to the office, or what we call The Torture Chamber, and suddenly, it feels like I'm not myself..... Like I'm a different person. I feel like I'm being ripped from my body, and it feels good, it feels like I'm free. I blink, I see a girl who looks exactly like me walk straight past the Office Teleporter, and I want to scream at her for doing that. It would be extremely disobediant for someone to do that, and I wanted to warn her that she should go to the office, so she doesn't get a beating like mine.

Then, I realize something, that girl IS me! What in the world? I know wanted to cry, so I did, but the tears wouldn't come, they wouldn't fall, but I felt them. That's when the girl looked up, right in my direction, smiling mischieviously at me. I feel a presence in my mind,

//You shouldn't feel frightened. I'm just trying to protect you.//

I scream a retort right back at her, /Yeah? Well, I think you're doing a very bad job at protecting me! If they find out that I didn't go to the office, and they will, there'll be a worser beating for me!/ She just smiles at me,

//No, there won't, because I won't let them touch you. You are a Child of Gaia, and because of that, you were gifted with me, as well as others. We are here to protect you.//

I was a bit apprehensive in trusting her, but one question popped into my head /Child of..... Gaia?/

She nodded, //'Child of Gaia' you're a child of one of the Elements, one of the last of your Element.//

/Which is?/

She flashed a beautiful smile at me, //Water, anything to do with that Element, you can do.// The image of that small patch of grass surfaced itself in my mind, and she smiled at this as well. //It was you this planet was calling, Lamournia was calling you to it, because you are one of her children.//

I frowned at the name, /Lamournia? But this planet's name is Irilima. How can that be-/ She cut me off,

//Lamournia used to exist here, but since the humans came..... She had to use her magic to create a portal to another place. Now, darkness is taking her, and her Children are feeling it. Some half-breeds, like you, only feel subtle wave energy, not a lot, like full-bloods.//

/I'm a half-breed?/

//Yes, how else are you supposed to have looks of a Goddess? From your human father? Ha!// Image of Melissa popped into my head, //Ah, her... with you, she felt ferior, because if you weren't her friend, you'd have the whole academy bowing at your feet. Controlling you, was the best solution in her mind.//

/So, what are the differences of full-bloods?/

She clucked her tongue, thinking, //They're more apt at magic, but that's the only real difference.//

/So, what's your plan?/ She smiled devilishly at me,

//To use the water ways! The water will always help you, it knows you....// Another question immediately popped into my head,

/But wait! If I'm a Child of Gaia, which means 'earth', then how come my Element is water?/

She answered me immediately, she's very patient, //Doesn't the earth have water? Doesn't the earth need fire, and wind? Earth needs the other three Elements to survive.//

Then, she spinned on her heel, and walked towards, what I assumed to be, the direction of the waterways. I felt something wrap around my neck, like a collar, and in my panic I felt at my neck, and was surprised to find an actual glowing, gold collar. I was tugged forward, and then I was following her. //Close your eyes,// she commanded, //We'll be there soon enough.// I did what she said, and fell into a deep slumber, and yet I was aware of everything.



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