The Bus

A Grotty And Disgusting Place. Or Not?

Do You Hate It When You Sit On A Bus, Some Guy Sits Down And Plays His Radio Or CD At Full Volume?? I Hate It!!

Ever Been On A Bus That Stops Over A Bridge And The Driver Can't Start It Again?? I Have! It Just Stops In The Middle And He Tells You To Get Off. What A B****y Cheek!

Ever Been On A Bus With Some Teenagers At The Back Beating Each Other Up Because Of Some Sweet? I Have! It Is The Most Annoying Experience You Could Have, Except Bad Hair Days When You Try To Comb Your Hair Flat And It Bounces Back Up Again.

And Of Course There's The Gum And Other Lovely Things On Seats. It Is Disgusting!!

So The Next Time You Travel On A Bus, Think About It. Would You Like To Be In A Stretch Limo With A Pool At The Back Or Be On A Bus With Puke And What- Have-You Everywhere??

I'd Rather Be On The Bus. (I Kid, I Kid.)

Rubbish I Know, But At Least It's Something!!

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