The School Trip From Hell

By Davido Martino

You Are Going on A School Trip To The. Seaside! (Just Say.)

You Are All Relaxed And Ready To Go.

The Coach Driver Looks Like One Of Those Guys Who Can't Keep Their Temper, But That Doesn't Bother You.

You Start To Move.

One Of The Girls Wants The Toilet, So The Coach Stops. The Bus Driver Makes A Really Lovely Hand Gesture At Her.

She Gets Back On. The Bus Moves 5 Metres Before Some Guy Is Sick. The Bus Driver Raises His Voice, Saying "Why Can't You ******* Kids Keep You Food Down?" Obviously He Doesn't Like Kids.

Half An Hour Has Gone And The Bus Leaves The School Drive. Yes, Those Two Incidents Were Actually In The School Grounds!!

The Bus Have Been Travelling Down The Motorway For The Best Part Of An Hour, And It Breaks Down. The Bus Driver Breaks Down. For Goodness Sake, Is He A Psycho?? He Seems To Be Allergic To Children.

The Police Come And So Do The AA (A Break-Down Service). The Police Take Away The Bus Driver Who Is Sucking His Thumb And Saying "Mummy, Where Are You?" OK.

We Get To The Museum And Some Boy Sticks His Hand Into A Dinosaur Skeleton. He Can't Get His Arm Out So The Skeleton Has To Be Dismantled.

The Teachers Round Us Up And Make Us Walk Down To The Police Station, Where The Coach Has Been For The Past Hour.

The Bus Driver Is Still Crying Loud.

After 20 Minutes, The Bus Driver Has Recovered But Is Still Twitching. The Teacher Says To Us "If You Dare Shout Out, Vomit Or Ask For The Toilet, You Will Get Detention For The Next 6 Months!!" We Get The Message.

The AA Hasn't Fixed The Coach So The Driver Breaks Down Again When He Turned The Ignition Key And The Side Panels Of The Coach Flew Off And Flames Started Underneath Us.

We Had To Pay (With OUR Money!) £5.00 For A Bus Ticket Home. OUR MONEY!! The Coach Driver Was Driven To Hospital While The Coach Was Taken Away To A Scrapyard. No Wonder It Broke Down, It Was At Least 50 Years Old!! Oww! This Story Is Based On A True One, I Didn't Experience It, But One Of My Friends Did. I Won't Tell You His Name, But He Said To Me It Was The Worst Day Of His Life. No Wonder!!

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