Another Night

I'm not crying but I'm an emotional wreck

No one's home or awake

At this point everything seems so unreal

How am I ever going to keep up my average

I can sense but I can't feel

how am I ever going to go off to a good college

It may be late but my minds rushing and my heart's pounding

How are my parents going to react?

It's been mouths and I still can't go a day without thinking of you

I can't stop tossing and turning

I have to....

I roll out and stumble down the hall

I can sense the cold kitchen floor

The first real thing I can really feel

I pull out the silver metallic object

That so much rests on

When I can't rest

The sensation on my wrists is a climax then a sigh of relief

Suddenly I'm on a high

A feeling of happiness only being with you can compete with

My worries are no more

Again, just sliding it back and forth

Not deep, just it to feel it

When I can't feel anything physical

Just emotional

Everyone's wrong I'm not going to die

It's hardly a scratch

I don't want anyone to know or ask

But I still find myself going to school with short sleeves

Just to see if anyone notices

I've only done that a few times

No one cares, yet I'm satisfied

I keep to myself

I've never been fond of the sight of blood

Unless it's just a small amount in this situation

I step back and breath, this is enough for now

I take a paper towel and give them pressure for a few minutes

I wont have to worry about you till tomorrow

I think I can sleep now