Moonlight Love

She couldn't get him out of her head. He said he would be back but he hasn't come back yet. She called his name out from her dreams. Christopher! That name, hot on her lips, had invented itself in her mind.

She had tried to forget but his handsome face would haunt her. The last time she saw him, he was going to his new college. He said he would visit but he hasn't called or written to her. He had said he would surprise her but she didn't believe him. Her friends, who talked to him, told her that he had a new girlfriend.

She refused to believe it but what if it was true. She groaned, even it she refused to believe she had gotten a new boyfriend. She really didn't really love him but he was kind and he cared for her. She sat up; sweat dripping from her body onto the sheets. College wasn't easy without him. Eve wiped the sweat from her forehead and got out of bed.

She wouldn't spend another night without him. Yet Eve couldn't leave college, no it's almost Spring Break for her. She wanted to see him but what if he didn't want to see her. No she wouldn't believe that he didn't want to see her. Eve climbed out of bed and whispered his name.

Going to the bathroom she tripped over her cat that cried out and ran into the darkness. "Damn cat!" Eve yelled after it and got up. She went into the bathroom and splashed cold water on her face. She thought college was going to be fun and challenging but it was lame and boring.

She aced almost every class. Even in the ones she expected to be difficult. She sighed and wiped her face off with a towel nearby. Another sigh escaped her lips; she sat at her computer and suddenly an email popped up. She opened it.

It was a note from Christopher he wasn't ignoring her. She read it and gasped, he was going to be at her apartment soon. She got up quickly and started cleaning and went to the living room and started for the trash to throw away all of the trash she collected. She went back into her room and started to gather all of the dirty clothes on her floor. She put all of the dirty clothes into the hamper and went back to the living room and looked around.

When she looked towards the front door and noticed two bags placed at the sides of the door. She looked around the apartment, seeing nothing but darkness. Suddenly she heard a thump and a shuffled curse come from her bedroom. She grabbed a bat she kept in a near by closet and went into her room, she turned on the lights quickly and than grabbed the bat with both hands. Christopher was seated on her bed with roses placed next to him and rose petals all around him, he had is foot in his hand and he had taken off his shoe and was massaging his foot.

"Chris are you ok and why are there petals everywhere?" Eve stared at him and than noticed he had no shirt on and his magnificent chest and his six- pack abs were showing. "And where is your shirt?" She stared at him, his brown hair still untamed but it was still short, his blue eyes that were always filled with love had never changed but he was a lot more handsomer.

"I wanted to surprise you but it looks like I messed up. I transferred here so that we can take classes together. I missed you so much and tried to get my mind off you but it didn't help so I came back and I was going to put rose petals everywhere and than make sweet passionate love to you. I love you Eve and I want to spend every waking moment of my life with you!

"Will you become my wife when we get out of college?" Eve stared at Christopher dumbfounded. What was she suppose to say? She dropped the bat and slowly walked towards Christopher. She put her arms around his neck and kissed him with her passion.

She whispered yes into his ear and he smiled and laid her on the bed. It was going to be the first time she ever made love with someone. Christopher hands cleared away anything that would interfere with him going to make love her and that included both of their clothes. When he reached for her bra she stopped him. "It's the first time I've ever had sex Chris so be gentle."

Christopher nodded and kissed her neck. He nuzzled her so that she put her arms around him. He undid the bra and threw it to the floor. He loved her and he didn't want to hurt her so he went slowly. He kissed a hot trail down the valley between her breasts and slowly went around each breast.

Eve shuddered and moaned, she loved him and she wanted him. She put her fingers into his hair and moaned as he took a nipple in his mouth and suckled strongly. She always wanted to go far with him but she never expected this. He was exciting her, awakening something that she never felt before. She felt his fingers hook into the rim of her panties, he tugged lightly and she lifted herself just enough so that he could pull them off.

He turned his attention to the other nipple as Eve arched her back and his hand slid between her legs towards he mound. He slid a finger into her and groaned, her hot and wetness surrounded his one finger. He heard a moan escape her lips. He lifted his head and stared at her, her eyes closed as his finger thrust in and out of her. He took his finger out of her and she cried out in protest.

The invasion had been a sweet one and she had liked it. She felt his lips on top of hers, his tongue fighting with her tongue as always when they made out. Both of them were naked by now and panting with desire. She knew that he would hurt her and not mean it. He pressed himself gently to her entrance. She felt him at her entrance and shuddered as he pressed himself into her.

She moaned, it felt so good to have him entering her. She arched her body, trying to have him deeper within her. He stopped when her reached her maidenhead. He pulled back and than pushed forwards, breaking it and causing her to cry out in pain. He stopped and stared at her.

"There's only going to be pain the first time, I promise." He kissed her passionately and started to move within her, creating a rhythm. Moans as she kissed him. Their peaks rising at the same time. She thrusted her hips into his and they both reached their peak.

His seed exploded into her womb as she moaned. They slept with arms and legs entangled around each other. He did love her and she loved him. Her prince was here to stay forever.

The End