The Funeral

The tears are running
Drying as they fall
The heart is aching
From the empty hole
You can't run away
You can't hide
Nothing you do
Can stop the inevitable
No one can comfort you
Not really, if at all
Nothing can replace the hurt
Once love has gone away
Have you noticed how Time
Is always the enemy?
It chooses the moment
When you're really happy
The memories are fresh
They'll never go away
Ink written on pages
Scars left on a heart
Why did you have to go?
Why was there cancer?
Granni needs you
I need you
But, still you left
You went back home
Cancer had come
And took you down
Your little girl
Is still here today
She's now a young lady
Making her way
Daddy still cries
When he thinks he's alone
Granni is fading
Each passing day
Black gowns and dresses
Black shoes and scarves
A cold, freezing day
A tombstone newly marked
A cold, lazy wind
Two cold arms
Military honors
To a life you loved
Why did you have to go?
Why did cancer choose you?
Why did you have to leave?
I still can't accept the funeral