The Soldier

I just got deployed
I was about to get married
But, I got deployed
A great burden to be carried
The president declared war
And I'm ready to serve
I'm ready to give my life
So peace remains undisturbed
I pray a prayer to God
I thank Him for this chance
This opportunity to prove
I'm worth a second glance
My fiancé, I love her to death
I fight with her in my heart
I'll always think of her
While living my part
My family is dear to me
I'll always think of them
Terrorism won't win
They'll serve our every whim
Terrorists will pay
No honor on their name
The USA will show them
War isn't just a game
Their troops will fall
None will survive when we're done
They'll die until they're gone
Like it was during World War One
They'll see the truth
So terrorists beware
'Cause I've been deployed
And I do care
You threatened my life
And my family's too
I'm leaving to Iraq
And coming after you
I was about to get married
When you came along
You blew up the twin towers
You sang the Death Song
You've hurt my family
And also my friends
I'm going to kill your people
Until it finally ends
Though the war with terrorist
May not be over still
The war with you will be won
I promise it will!
So play your cheap tricks
Play hide-and-go-seek
'Cause by the time I get there
You'll realize we're not weak
We stand united
With colors red, white, and blue
And once I'm up close
I'm gonna kill you!
You had no right
Imposing upon my life
No right to put my life on hold
No right to make this strife
No right to live
No right to survive
I'm not going to feel sorry
When your country starts to cry
Blow up another building
C'mon -it's a dare
Let's see if I can make it
So you'll start to care
Children are worth more
Than the millions you offer
For each of their dead bodies
The USA will make you suffer!
So watch out
'Cause I didn't come to play
I've come to hear
Your pathetic country say:
"We give up; we surrender
Spare our lives we plead!"
Now you're not laughing; I see
Destruction to y'all seed!
War isn't a game
It isn't who rolls the dice
It's much more than the song
Of the Three Blind Mice
Laugh all you want
Watch me laugh in return
Once I see your country
Melt down and burn
Drag you down
Into the fiery hell you've made
I'm not the one with the cards
I don't have the Queen of Spades
But, I got my family
And my fiancé too
So let me say this:
I'll never feel sorry for you