The Girl With No Name

So many words
Can be written on paper
So many memories
Can be burned on film
But, why does it matter
If love isn't there?
Isn't that the point
Of memories made?
It's like standing up
For a family enemy
Like falling in love
With a serial killer
Why take a picture
Of a daddy being drunk?
He's being on his daughter
Not sparing her friends' eyes
Momma can't do anything
She's OD'd on pills
After bruises appeared
From her drunk husband
The son does drugs
Gets high everyday
Sexes every girl
Picturing a life he wants
What about the daughter?
What's to become of her?
Doesn't she deserve a chance
To live a normal life?
Why beat on her
When she's just a baby?
Not even a teenager
But has matured early?
She never climbed trees
Never went to parties
She had to cover bruises
Had to create alibis
She runs away
She goes with her brother
He's stoned off his ass
He takes away her innocence
He rapes her not thinking
Doesn't hear her terrified screams
Gags her mouth; slaps her hard
Pours out his seed
One month later
She's throwing up everything
Can't keep anything down
Losing so much weight
The brother is sober
And takes her to a doctor
Patiently waits
For the news of his sister
The doctor comes out
With an exhausted looks
Asks him to sit down
Rubs his eyes; his face
The sister is pregnant
The baby's alive
The small, mature smile
Barely twelve years old
The girl wanders out
Holding her stomach
Doesn't look at the brother
Tears slide down her cheeks
Later that night
The brother goes out
Gets drunker than ever
Sexes three girls
Wakes up the next morning
Pictures his little sister
Home all alone
In their rotting motel room
He does it again
Slaps her real hard
He is in a rage
With Momma on his brain
The rage is gone
She is unconscious
He's raped her again
Another strike on her life
When she wakes up
She's full of forgiveness
He takes her to another doctor
And files an abortion
With tears in her eyes
She allows it to happen
Her child is taken
Her brother is happy
Life goes on
More peaceful than ever
He hasn't done drugs
Or popped any pills
The brother goes out
And says he'll be back
She smiles and laughs
She believes his promise
She locks all the doors
She closes the windows
She doesn't answer the pone
She turns off the radio
A knock on the door
Grabs her attention
She looks out the peephole
And gasps with delight
Momma is alive
The girl opened the door
They hug and cry
They shut the door
But, the father
Has followed the mother
He forces the door
With a rifle loaded and ready
The Momma screams
And tells the girl to run
She runs away
She hears the gun
Momma is dead
Brother's in the driveway
Daddy is furious
He's drunk again today
The brother cries
As the bullet goes through
The final words to his sister:
"Baby, I really did love you"
Daddy has left
She has been spared
No longer a child
Hurt deep down inside
She gets sicker
As the days pass
She walks to the doctor
She takes another test
She has AIDS
And genital herpes too
Her final months
Are lower than two
The girl died
The day before her birthday
Buried right next
To the brother that raped her
She was a child
Without a name
No one loved her
No one knew her