"Surviving the Rest"

The time is coming soon
For this dreadful year to end
Just about a month or so
Until we have our own time to spend

Everyone is getting anxious
For the last day to come
So we can have the whole summer free
To play around and get dumb

I never did like school
Quite the opposite in fact
Especially because of my Spanish teacher
Who seriously needs to be sacked

He doesn't know how to teach
And gives us a quiz about every day
Damn, I can't wait to get out of school
After this long month of May!

And about my stupid grades,
Now I don't even want to go there
For about three fucking quarters they've slipped
Giving my parents quite a scare

But "whatever," I say to them
"It won't happen next year,
cuz this program sucks ass
and might as well kiss my rear!"

But before you claim I'm stupid
And call me a lazy bum
Know one thing first
And that's that I'm not...well, totally dumb

School is like a 7 hour a day prison
It's really not the place for me
I'm locked up in the stuffy, crammed classrooms
When all I want is too be free!

"Is that really so hard?!" I ask in anger
But I already know the answer is yes
And I grip my head in my hands in agony
And try to live through the rest

And all the homework I get!
How cruel the teachers are
To assign five assignments over Spring break
And make me watch others play from afar

"Stupid school, stupid homework,"
I mutter as I fix my Algebra teacher with a glare
"Why can't you all just go away
And let osmosis do its share???"

But, sighing, I shake my head at my foolishness,
Knowing there is no such thing
And when my Algebra teacher asks me a question,
I sigh in relief, for the bell is about to ring

So I save my pent-up energy for when I'm at home
And when I arrive at this somewhat safe haven
I jump for temporary joy
And spend some free time willingly taken

...But then I remember my homework
And I groan in disbelief
That my teachers assigned 6 hours worth
And I try to hide my grief

Then it gets way past midnight
And I'm only half way done
But my mom tells me to get some sleep
And all I want to do is scream and run

The next day I get to school
And my teachers show their disappointment full blow
And I curse them under my breath
What I go through every night, they really don't know

At the end of the day again
I take my regular seat on the bus
And again curse my teachers for my workload
But decide not to make a fuss

It's hard to keep up with my work
And I don't know how the other students do
But I get home and try to finish
And try to start everything anew

But it won't be any different, this I know
This program I'm, I totally hate
And I have no time for anything else but work
So I curse my stupid fate

But finally I make a decision
To try and survive the rest of the year
Just one more month to go
I just can't wait, it's getting so near!



AN: When I said "program" I was talking about this stupid "gifted program"
I'm in for "smarter" students...*cough* *cough* It really sux.