~~~ Longer Summary ~~~

He didn't believe in love. She wanted to fall once but forever. Destiny crossed their paths, but  are they fated to remain together?

Oh, and he's a self-centered egoistic jerk, playboy, nonchalant dude... and Proud of it!!! ... heheh... but i'll sooon change that!... okay, so Raye might change that... but not so soon... whoaa! i'm giving out the story line!!!! @_@

~~~ Authors note ~~~

This is a story I've been planning to write for quite some time now.  I have always called it 'The story of Raye and Ares,' but I thought that was kinda plain for a story title so I changed it.

The story takes place in a futuristic setting, but it is in no way science fiction! It is purely a romance. A story through which I wanted to explore the various emotions and thinking styles of two peoples with completely different beliefs, mottos and lifestyles, who come together, battling their emotions, or lack thereof, as in Ares's case.  So please don't turn away after reading the first chapter. ^_^. It takes a while for the pace to pick up, but that's because I want to have a stable base to lift this story up from. A weak plot is not a nice thing!

Also, I have rewritten the chapters and am trying to correct all my errors.  A big thank you to all those who have reviewed, and a special thanks to Vetarru Cetkarr, for offering to beta for me. I'll try to proof the chapters myself or send them to her, as soon as I can get my lazy self to type up the story that is! :P Read on! And please review!

~~~ Prologue ~~~


Spasms; small and large. Each causing more hurt than the last. Yet, somehow, ironically welcome.


Desperation and confusion. A life devoid of meaning. No ray of light. No hope.


The moment of truth. Unveiled. Bright and Blinding. Hurting my eyes. Making me see.


Feelings I never knew I could comprehend. Storms and battles inside of me. A burning fire. Raging.


To reach out for the person you love the most. The wild frenzy of the wretched heart. To Fall. In Love. The love once shunned. Now unrequited. Insatiable.

A lone tear streams down my cheek.

She once said it all was sometimes betrayed by a solitary teardrop.

*                      *                      *