I fell so relaxed around you, so normel

You know all my secreats in my hear

I know I can cry, and you won't think,

You won't think I'm weak

Here I am, scared at the same time

I want to hold your hand in mine

But what if you pull away; what do I do?

We take the abuse from them,

yet we stay the same towards eachother Friends forever, or are we more then that?

I'm scared about all this

I don't get scared at all, but here I am

I'm scared about seeing my cousin

But you're there for me, I know this

Don't want to loos a friend

But our feeling's are mutual What should I do now? I'm lost

Scared to say the least Not sure what to do; we stay the same agian

I want to be more but, I'm unsure of myself

Told you what he did; you were ther for me

Couldn't stand it if you

Just dissappered, like they did They see me and I'm smilin'

And they think it's all okay; it's not

But you know this and you're there

I'm not the girl to take many chances

But what shoudl I do?

Should I leave it how it is,

Or should I take this chance?