They pull me into the play
Arms jerking back and forth
To the beat
Quick, heavy tempo thumping through my body
Canine smiles shine at me
Dark eyed creatures dancing in the night
They bounce as the music does
These fearsome monsters beckon
"Join us" They croon
The wall climber's long braids whip around dangerously
As she succumbs to the song
Its beautifully tribal
How they dance
The thread demon's muscle ripple as she masterfully controls that body of
Her long tail merely adds a sense of art to how she moved
The singer's voice belting out the lyrics quicker than their boogying
"Maa~ maa! Come on!" The tiny scaled dragonhalf calls.
Why fight this?
"Come on! DDR!" She shouts.
Its over
I surrender to join the tribe of demon dancers.
Its where I belong
Laughter, music and dancing is all that matters here.
I let my troubles tango till forever.
With these demons of mine.