By:Andrew Troy Keller

I had traveled a lot of miles during my spring break and I had seen a lot of strange stuff,but all of that stuff was nothing compared to what I had seen on Mother's Day.

I was on my home to San Francisco to spend some time with my mom,who was living alone for quite some time.

As soon as I had walked into the local eatery,I had spotted a beautiful young woman sitting alone at one of the tables and sipping a cup of tea.

I had walked up to her and said,"Hi.My name is Jerry Bolander.What's your name?"

She had looked at me and answered,"My name is Kimberly.Can you please take me home?"

Of course,I had reluctantly agreed,for who could say 'no' to such beautiful blue eyes like her's.

We had traveled at least four and a half miles away from downtown San Francisco,until we had stopped a road marker that had said something.

I had gotten out of the car to see what the marker had said.

But when I had turned back towards the car,I was shocked to had discovered that Kimberly had disappeared.

I had looked around for her--and found her name on a tombstone inside a local cemetary.

Her name was Kimberly Hoffman--and she had died in the year 1969,due to an auto accident while traveling cross country on her own.

That was how I had met Kimmy the spook.