[ Part 1: Warning ]

Section 1: Thoughts

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Leala sang softly to herself as she gathered up her clothes Stacy the maid had deposited earlier that morning. Happily she through them all over her bed instead of the proper "lady-like" way of folding and stacking them neatly in her wardrobe.

It was a clear, bright day: perfect for outdoors. She could almost hear Rad and his friends beckoning to her...it was a fine day to do mischief.

She ran outside and was almost instantly tackled by the band of teenagers. Laughing, she tried to push them off, but they persisted.

"Lenny! C'mon, get outta there!"

Still giggling, she yielded to Rad's shouted commands, wriggling out from the snickering boys. Instantly she pounced on the waiting Rad, who, protesting madly, yet not really meaning it, rolled down the hill. Their friends followed, pointing and laughing.

Looking at the activity through the window, Lady Elena chuckled to herself and shook her head. They looked so grown, yet were so childish on the inside...still youthful.

Rad was near twenty years of age, Leala seventeen. Rad's "mates" were all around and between those ages. Elena knew that, given a good reason, they could become serious.

It was thanks to them all that Rosliplain's new Underground System was built. Under several select trees were small yet pleasant rooms, and between the rooms were winding tunnels that were bound to get any unguided stranger terribly confused. Thus, Rad and his friends, Leala sometimes accompanying them, offered to guide those who wished to experience the organism of puzzling roads for a small fee.

Unfortunately, they have not got much business, allowing the fact that most inhabitants of Rosliplain knew the entire arrangement by heart.

Actually, hired architects did the physical building of the Underground System, Leala, Rad, and the teenagers doing the planning. They still liked to say that they were responsible for the entire thing.

Elena remembered that first summer after all the events in Jamaicadale had been finally over and done with. The entire town was surprised of the little band of hyperactive boys, by then only from around ages twelve to fifteen, came tumbling in the gates to liven up the place. It sure had been exciting and interesting this past few years.

The Lady nonetheless was uneasy. According to her sources, Lord Nesbit, who was lost five years ago, had still not been found. It made her nervous to know that such a strong enemy was still out there...he was more than capable of reuniting a new organization of Aristocrats, despite his frequent absent-mindedness.

There was another out there, who was equally as cunning, and even more ruthless than Don had been. Sir Kenneth, a knight who fought with his sword, and will never let even his own death stand in the way of things. However, his death had not yet come to take him...how very unfortunate.

So many died at his hand! Elena remembered the countless families, friends, and others who suffered from his cold heartlessness. He killed men, women, and children alike...he seemed to have no conscience, no soul, at all...

All feared him. Even Nesbit.

Only Don could handle him with a cool head and smooth tone. Of course, they hated each other, since Kenneth was deathly envious of Don's rank...but now that Don was dead, what would he do? It had been too long...Elena figured. He would have made his move by now...

Five years...had it been that long, Elena wondered, since Lord Donovan had committed suicide and yielding the whole society of Aristocrats? It seemed like only yesterday he bade her his final farewell...

Suddenly Elena grew angry. In the past five years, it came to her knowledge that there were more threats out there, one of her a personal enemy of her teenage years. "Lady" Griselda. Called Zelda by most people, who decided it was easier to remember and pronounce.

She was one of the main foundations of the Aristocrats, very near the rank of Lord Nesbit himself. Unlike Donovan, whom Elena had once learned to love, Griselda was an enemy forever...and Elena swore that one day they would meet, and one of them would not live to see another dawn.

Elena slowly cooled her anger. Somehow, her thoughts drifted to that subject of burning hatred. Just thinking about Don made her think automatically of Zelda.

Why? Because once Elena and Don realized that they were enemies, Don went...with...Zelda...

Elena knew she loved Don. Always had, always will. And Don, she knew, always loved her. They both refused to see it in the period of time in which they believed they passionately loathed each other, since they were opponents. They hid their love until the final moment when Don swallowed the lethal pills...

But she was getting off topic. (Funny how you can do that while thinking.) It had been near sunset when Leala went out with her friends, and now the sky held dazzling colors of crimson and orange, winding down to a vivid gold. Elena smiled to herself; although she tried to restrict Leala's fun to a curfew, she knew her daughter would never respect it. She would be home by midnight!

Leala surprised her by showing up just when the sun was almost setting. She looked weary, but beaming.

"Rad and the guys made a treehouse!" She exclaimed, and rattled on about how wonderful the little wooden home in a tree was.

Elena only laughed. Another typical adventure.

Ah, it's wonderful to live in Rosliplain, Leala and Elena both thought simultaneously.

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