Fucking hell
Don't whistle at me
Cuz I'm not a dog
And I'm not a boy like you's best friend

Yes, they're there and they're real
We've established the fact that I have breasts
Considering I'm female, you'd think a guy like you, claiming to have so much experience with women, would come to expect that

For God's sake
Stop trying to hit on me
At work or at school
I'm trying to fucking WORK!!

I know you're attractive
And to be honest, I don't give a shit
*Especially* not about what other chicks think
I'm not an animal; I'm a woman, you dick!

You are so in love with yourself
So why do you need me?
Your head is in your ass
And your male arrogance/ testosterone highs drive me insane
Get over your fucking hormones

I'm not a nude sculpture by Michelangelo
Put in the middle of a fountain for you to gawk at and objectify
While getting a fucking errection on the way 2 school
Respect is a very sexy thing

I don't care about your ex-girlfriends
Or latest one-night stand
I'm not into swooning
So deal with it

Deflate your fucking ego
It looks like a beach ball at a ski-field (completely ridiculous…)
I'm sorry if that was like a kick in the balls
I meant it

Get your head
And your ego
Out from between your legs
And grow up!

Women want men
Not teenage boys
With no self-control
And ego problems

You still measure it
Get black eyes over the size of it
But you don't know how to fucking use it properly
I know you've got it
For crying out loud