I could try to please you

But no matter what I do

I'll never be good enough

I could be anything but what I am

But you still wouldn't give a damn

I'll never change for you

I could be everything under the sun

You'd still hate what I'd become

Without a reason

I could try to be someone else
You'd still delude yourself

It doesn't matter

I could spend my life wondering why

You'd still find a way to lie

But only to yourself

I understand this

It's always there

I'll always hurt

You'll never care

Everything in my life

Will always me black

There'll be no happiness

No turning back

Cuz the wounds

They'll never heal

You'll never understand

What I feel

But that's Ok

I'm dead inside

You killed me


And I died

I understand this

It will always be there

I'll always hurt

And you'll never care