Today is Mother's Day so I wrote a poem for my mum..though I'm not good in
English but I just thought I'll give it a BIG try.I post here because I'll
like to know what you guys think of it..And please do review please! Enjoy!

Happy Mother's Day!!

This day has come again,
Where all mothers will be,
Acknowledge and wish,
In a very special way.

This day is a lucky day,
For all mothers in this world,
Where all children will,
Remember to greet them this day.

I do not have the exact words,
To tell mum about the meaning,
Of this very special day but -
I will tell mum how I - a daughter,
Will have to say to mum.

I would like to say that I,
Apologize for everything that I,
Have ever hurt mum this past year for I,
Do know that I,
Have hurt mum in many ways.

I may be sometimes cruel and egoistic,
That sometimes could bring mum a big headache a lot,
And I may be most of the time serious,
That sometimes could bring mum's patience very thin.

I do have my very own reasons to be like that,
Besides the fact that maybe I'm like that,
So here are the very reasons to tell mum why.

I know I'm very overprotective towards mum,
That is because that I do not want anything,
To happen to mum in any other harmful way.

I know I sometimes limit mum's drinking or sometimes in food,
That is because sometimes it is not good,
For mum's health and it's always better,
To always be sober at all times. (

Yes - there are so many,
Things that I do to mum but -
As I said before that I,
Have reasons to do so.

I do it because I love mum,
Maybe I show it in a weird way - I think
I sometimes don't care of my safety,
But I'm always alert on mum's safety.

I may be rough at times but I,
Always will be there to protect mum,
So mum would always be safe at all times.

I always pray for mum's happiness,
And also to mum's success in life,
So never think that I want someone else,
To replace mum because it is not true.

We may be different,
In terms of attitude or personality or else,
But we do have a similarity and that is,
We are a family.

So now,
I wish mum this very special day,
And that is none other than this day,
Happy Mother's Day.

Children wish their mothers this special day,
So their bond will be stronger and stronger each day,
Doesn't matter how thin or thick the situation could be,
But the love will always be there for all eternity.

Wrote by and lots of love from
The one and only,

So.what do you guys think? Reviews please!